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Ugly (but awesome) Mug Shots!

Ugly (but awesome) Mug Shots!

Nobody yearns to have a ‘professional’ photo shoot with a prison photographer, but sh*t happens.  Whether you’ve been nabbed after a night of partying at the best clubs in DC, or disturbin’ the streets with your after party antics, you might want to make sure you are a little more camera ready than these folks, because a mug shot is public information and easy to find. So before your friends start searching for your mugshot and posting it on Facebook, get scared by these ugly mugs in the 10 worst mugshots we could find.
Or you know you could just…stay out of trouble!


Peek-a-boo Mug

How can you not just love this face? This is his “I’m gonna go ahead and fold my face into itself and hopefully they won’t recognize me when I escape from jail next time.” Better shave off those fingerprints too!

Worst Mugshot

Oreo Mug

We have a 6’3″ white, er black, er white, um suspect, uhhh I’m gonna have to get back to you on that.

Worst Mugshots

Sunken Mug

Police arrested this man in Miami for soliciting prostitution. In filing the paperwork, police have to write any identifiable features in the police report. After scratching their fully formed heads, police wrote “half a head”. With such a unique feature as ‘half a head’, who needs a name?

Worst Mugshots

Glow Mug

He was arrested for drunk driving. Guessing he just came from a Day Glow Party with that full body glow. But what is the difference between going silver or painting yourself orange like the Worst Summer Tans from club douche bags?

Silver Mugshot

Shrek Mug

This unique guy ran over his landlord. Guessing he is not to hard to pick out of a line up. Before you decide on a life of crime, might want to consider a better disguise.

Worst Mugshot

Father Son Mug

Keepin it in the family! Afterall what bonds a father and son duo more than a synchronized arrest and mug shot? “Git-R-Dun!” “Psycho!” We couldn’t have said it better.

Worst Mug Shot

Cone-head Mug

Maybe she’s trying to smuggle an ostrich egg from the zoo and keep it warm before it hatches in that bandaged bird’s nest.

Worst Mugshot

Lawnmower Mug

Clearly arrested while gettin’ his hair did by his baby mama, Lawnmower man is obviously not happy he has to go into a cell with his hair lookin’ all crazy! That’s what you get for breakin’ the law Buckwheat!

Worst Mug Shots

Tres Amigos Mug

Poor guy! It’ll be slim pickins’ for this guy’s last meal before the electric chair. No corn on the cob, that’s for sure. We are thinking a buffet of applesauce, pudding and jello. Yum!

Ugly Mugshot


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