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The WTF in DC Fashion & Style

The WTF in DC Fashion & Style

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Post Date: March 03, 2014

Unlike, NYC or Los Angeles, DC isn’t exactly known for it’s trendy fashion sense.  Though it does have a unique style all it’s own.  From Capitol Hill, to Georgetown to the DC Club scene and beyond, let’s explore some of the iconic, ironic, and horrific styles that scream Washington DC.


Sear SuckersSear Suckers

Take a stroll around Georgetown and you cannot escape a warm afternoon without seeing some Kennedy wanna-be sporting this look, which they probably picked up at the Gtown uber preppy attire hub Vineyard Vines.

The US Senate even held Seersucker Thursdays in June from 1996-2012.  Nerds.


Nowhere does khakis; pastel colored dress shirts, Lacoste everything, bow ties and sear suckers quite like DC.  That’s why if you ever planned to leave DC due to the Polar Blast, you may find yourself out of fashion next to the casual Southern and Western styles, just see our Polar Blast Pushing People out of DC and the Northeast- FOREVER?

24_7 Power Suits24/7 Power Suits

Summer in DC is a sweaty swampy mess and you know the Washingtonian highbrow crew will not give up on their power suits, even in 100% humidity.  To be clear, we are not talking casual summer office wear.  It’s the ever traditional, wool or cotton blends.  Break out the clinical strength deodorant.


DC DragDC Drag

Recently voted the “Gayest City in the US”, DC counters the uptight and boring looks of the Hill with flamboyant cross dressing madness.  Just join in on the DC Drag Queen High Heel Race during the Halloween season and you’ll see tons of Chers, Madonnas, Britneys, and more.


Working Girl Power SuitLady Suits

Remember Working Girl with Melanie Griffin?  While many cities across the US have embraced a more casual office dress code, Washington women love their lady suits.


Kitten HeelsKitten Heels

Why bother?  If you’re going to wear a heel, go for it, these low set heels are like training bras, useless and unattractive.  Plus wearing a kitten heel is a slippery slope, you’re one step away from wearing a pair of running shoes with your power suit to run to the metro.


Saggy AssSaggy Bottoms

Just head down to Adams Morgan or South East DC and you’ll see some major ass, but not the kind you may want to see.  Some DC peeps can’t be bothered to even pull up their pants.



Fanny PacksFanny Packs

While riding awkwardly upright on your Segway, how else will you hold on to your disposable camera and metro card?  Take a stroll by the White House or the by any of the monuments and museums and the haute couture is the fanny pack.


Cardigans & PearlsCardigans & Pearls

The female answer to the sear sucker and pastels is a matching women’s twin sweater set and a set of pearls.  Though this look is often updated and made edgier, DC prefers the traditional look.


Gold Cup HatsDerby Hats

Attend the Virginia Gold Cup, which is like the bastard son of the Kentucky Derby and your look won’t be complete without a giant obnoxious wide brimmed hat, which hide the shame your face should be showing.


Body Paint

Washington DC certainly has something for everyone.  One minute you’re passing by the political types, and the next you’re in full force in one of the most insane DC nightclubs, being covered in paint or passed by dancers in nothing but paint.

Body Paint