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Gareth Emery at Glow, Feb 13th!

Gareth Emery at Glow, Feb 13th!

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Post Date: February 02, 2010


Gareth Emery at Glow Washington DC Nightclubs in DC

Even though 2009 hit many hard with the recession, for Gareth Emery, last year proved to be most rewarding and satisfying.  Gareth landed himself a nice spot at #9 on the DJ Mag Top 100 and spent more time at Beatport’s trance chart than any other artist.  Gareth started at age four, playing the piano and rocked in bands from grade sixth to college, headlining for acts such as Oasis and Green Day in Southampton’s (UK) Joiners.   When interviewed or written about, Gareth still carries association with trance.  I had a chance to catch up with this young 30 year-old EDM star on his way back from his last gig in Seoul, Korea.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted to know what Gareth thought about present day trance and if it even still existed with all the new tools and programs producers use these days.  Gareth definitely agreed and stated, “ For as long as there are people that classify themselves as “trance” fans, and DJs that think of themselves as “trance” DJs, of which there both are many, then it definitely still exists.”

Knowing that a lot of fans and music critics often times pigeon-hole artists that started with trance, I asked Gareth if he minded the constant title of trance connected to him (as most artists evolve).  “I don’t mind the label but I hate the pigeon-holing that goes with it.  Unfortunately, some of the commercial trance that was around a few years ago has tainted the word for a lot of people, so you have this situation where house music is seen as credible and the trance scene is cheesy, and it’s just BS.  Both house and trance have their cheesy side and they both have their underground, deeper side.  It’s a shame a lot of people don’t get that.”

Gareth Emery’s most recent show at GlowFor Gareth, 2009 also brought his latest feat, The Sound of Garuda which you can check out at  He is back in his studios working on original material and gearing up for the Winter Music Conference.  So if you guys are heading out to Miami this year, Gareth will be “testing the waters” with his new, unreleased music.  Gareth wants to “gauge crowd reaction and a lot of music that probably won’t see the light of day for another six months or so.” Rumors of his artist album release, is an actual work in progress for him.  It is hard for him to find time with his schedule nonetheless, I am sure his fans will not be regretful.

Gareth Emery at Glow in mid 2009

There’s never a lazy day in the life of Gareth.  But when he does catch one, he is normal just like everyone- by watching a movie, taking a run, and spending down time at the pub with close friends.  He admits when is trying to take time off, that he “struggles not to check his emails on the Blackberry once or twice.” When he needs to escape everything you might find him in these worldwide destinations: South of France, Wales, Dubai, Singapore, Vancouver or Miami, let’s hope he can actually make his flight, as he admits he is “late for everything.”

As his booking gets closer for DC, Gareth shares his thoughts on the scene in DC at CLUB GLOW, “Brilliant vibe!  That stays right until the end of the night and [I] cannot wait to be back!”

Glow is held every Saturday night at Fur Nightclub DC, and every Thursday night at Lima Restaurant and Lounge.  Glow has been consistently rated as one of the best weekly DC nightclub events.

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