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Joris Voorn + Timo Maas this Thursday at Glow at Lima Lounge

Joris Voorn + Timo Maas this Thursday at Glow at Lima Lounge

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Post Date: June 06, 2010

GLOW Washington DC presents:

Joris Voorn

Timo Maas

Opening Set by Rich Webb

Thursday, June 10 2010 at Lima Restaurant & Lounge
1401 K St NW Washington DC
Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 21+


While he might not refer to himself as an artist, he exemplifies the highest caliber of artist. As a producer, Voorn has touched the electronic music world with tracks like Blank released in 2008, as well as Sweep the Floor, his rendition of modern house, released as part of the Dusty House EP. He has left his mark on remixes for tracks entitled Dark Flower and Ghost Song.

Voorn has traveled the world making pit stops in Spain, Germany, Croatia, Finland, China, Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada and the list goes on. His mark in the USA has been significant to the standards of electronic music, but his presence has been weighted against a society passionate about pop culture and close minded when it comes to a new type of sound.

What can you expect from Joris Voorn? We asked him…

“At the moment the music is in a retro phase, the past is being reinvented and the futuristic sounds are being pushed to the side. People are paying more attention to a new groovy house sound at the moment… What I did was bring in a melodical sound, when techno was just about beats no one was really playing melodies. I brought in a danceable rhythm with some melodies. It was either monotonous beats or Detroit style. I was trying to get best of both worlds and that helped me become a better producer and DJ. People can listen to my music and can actually feel something with the music I produce.”

You can catch Voorn’s latest release in the music section.



Describing his current style as “…not minimal, not techno, pretty unique… very atmospheric. It’s very trippy. It’s not loop-based, it’s a story as my life is a story,” Mass makes it clear that after a 27-year career he does not like to be referred to as a veteran of electronic music, citing veterans as people who look back, whereas his story is not yet fulfilled. Recently, Maas has teamed up with Italian DJ/producer Santos to form the group Mutant Clan, whose track “On and amp Bedrock” leads Timo’s “H1N1″ mix.

From the days of his Azzido Da Bass remix known as “Dooms Night” to his work with r&b singer Kelis, a residency with Deep Dish at the legendary Twilo, to he re-immersion into the dark and twisted with the track “Subtellite” and the current formation of Mutant Clan, TImo Maas as proved to his fans and himself that even after 27 years, a true artist can adapt, metamorphose, and continue to find inspiration wherever he/she may be.