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The one and only Paul Van Dyk!

The one and only Paul Van Dyk!

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Post Date: November 11, 2009

Paul Van Dyk at GLOW DC

Who said that electronic music and politics could not work together to overcome and be used as a tool to unite or embrace change? German producer Paul Van Dyk says so.   He is certainly not just an electronica music DJ and composer as he has been recognized before. Paul is on his way to becoming a musical international pacifist. There is no holds bar when Paul van Dyk wants to get his message across through his passion and love of music.  His recent accomplishments super cedes the common title of “World’s number one DJ” and catapults Paul into becoming a universal icon.  

Paul has positioned himself gracefully over the years as an activist and advocate, proclaiming that dance music is a global cultural movement that unbiasedly continues to bring together people with no respect to color or creed, race or religion. 

From unleashing his principles and yearning to see that music, “his music” can break barriers and surpass diplomatic stances and racial boundaries, his album “Politics of Dancing” was released at the brink of his pacifist approach to the world through music. Paul van Dyk was the only non-American artist that joined artists with “Rock the Vote” here in America and has been an international ambassador in helping youth have preventative awareness of HIV and AIDS through Dance4Life.  

But recently, Paul has taken another political stance, one that is close to his heart, his birthplace, Berlin.  After what seemed like a dispute and controversy that would never end, the fall of the Berlin Wall and peace looked like it had finally caved in.  

Paul van Dyk and vocalist Johnny McDaid of Vega 4 were prepared and so they collaborated on an anthem titled, “We Are One.”  This was the finale song played at the 20 year anniversary celebration, “Festival of Freedom” at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on November 9, 2009.  

Power and freedom was spoke and felt when Johnny McDaid sang, accompanied by Paul van Dyk (on the synthesizer). “They unveiled the anthem in front of many that day from world politicos, Nobel Peace prize winners and most importantly to the proud Berliners’ reunification on that great day, twenty years ago.

“It is an incredible honor to be allowed to present my ‘We Are One’ anthem on November 9 against such a fantastic backdrop. The events of 20 ago still move me very personally.  I have invested a lot of time and emotion in this project,” Paul Van Dyk.

Come see the musical peacekeeper as he stops in at GLOW in Washington DC, tonight, Wednesday 25.  GLOW happens at Fur Nightclub.  Visit the Glow Site, and purchase your tickets before they sell out!