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School’s OUT! Tuesday Party at LIMA!

School’s OUT! Tuesday Party at LIMA!

Tuesday Party Moved to Barcode

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The main dancefloor at LIMA

College Tuesdays at Lima Lounge in DC are always a big hit, week after week.  Now that you don’t have classes early the next morning, there’s even more incentive to get out there and party!  This party is ages 18+ and features $3 Bud Lights + $5 Stoli Redbulls!  The best part is that Lima is a damn nice club, unlike most places that host college parties which are typically filthy, cheap, and nasty. 

Lima Tuesdays take the best parts of a college party (The girls, the cheap drinks, loud music, college kids, and a covered outdoor smoking patio) and omit the crappy parts (Vomit covered floors, watered down drinks, crappy beer, cops shutting things down, etc).  It’s win/win.   

Plus, you can get in without having to pay the cover charge with the pass from us: HERE

Check out the insanity from Last Week, its absolutely crazy!