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“Bones” Jones vs. Belfort – A Must See UFC Fight – Sat 09.22.12 [Barcode]

“Bones” Jones vs. Belfort – A Must See UFC Fight – Sat 09.22.12 [Barcode]

Jon “Bones” Jones (16-1-0) vs. Vitor Belafort (21-9-0)

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“Bones” Jones is the first UFC fighter to sign a global deal with Nike, has 2 older brothers in the NFL (Art on the Ravens, Chandler on the Patrios) he and once apprehended and held for police, a thief who smashed an elderly couple’s car window and stole their GPS.

At 24 he became the youngest champion in UFC history. Now 25, winning this fight will tie Jones with legends Chuck Liddell and Frank Shamrock for wins in the 205 lb weigh class. The odds are 13:1 favoring Bones.

Whether you’re a casual fan, true believer, or looking to see what it’s all about; this is the UFC Fight for you. Barcode’s outdoor patio, full-service, late-night kitchen (open until 12) and extensive beer/wine selection combine for an upscale setting to enjoy televised events. The nightlife continues until 2AM with resident DJ Kam.

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