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Post Date: November 11, 2011

Missing in Action

A newer addition to DC lounges, M.I.A. lounge Washington DC boasts 3D projectors, floating torsos, lips, drinks and most importantly… a Bunny.

DC lounges MIA


1214 18th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20036




Wed – Thu: 10PM – 2AM

Fri – Sat: 10PM – 3AM

Official Web Site:

Missing in Action (not ‘Miami’) opened its glossy, girly, glittery, hot pink doors in November.

Some may know the Dupont haunt as the former Andalu, or more recently, Lupe Mexican Cantina. Neighbors with Public Bar, M.I.A. brings a fresh concept to the District.

DC lounges stripper polesAt first glance, M.I.A. Lounge DC resembles Beauty Bar, the hipster chain with spots in New York, San Francisco, Hollywood, Vegas, and more with it’s mannequins and pink, shiny décor.

It definitely stepped it up in Midtown by adding some serious out-of-the-box entertainment like the 6-foot, fully-costumed bunny rabbit running wild and getting more photo time than a Playmate.

MIA washington dc bunny rabbitM.I.A. also adds a saxophone player, fire breathers, stilt walkers, and pole dancers!

A little too out there? It’s cool. Bar and bottle service options take guests back to the D.C. comfort zone with solid prices.

“I wanted this club to be unique from any other in the city. Most clubs owned by a man look like they’re owned by a man. This one is designed by a woman because I wanted a feminine touch.”

Mehdi Ben, Managing Partner

Other soft touches include the “lip wall” (a wall loaded with pictures of lips), the “liquid table” that reacts to your touch, silver mannequins adorning the downstairs bar, a giant stripper pole, vinyl seating, and handcuffs & silver machine guns on the bathroom walls.

“We definitely wanted to think outside the box… We wanted everything to shimmer and sparkle.”

-Irene, Interior Designer

Most importantly, who is in that Bunny costume and how does one restrain from ripping off its head? Where did the idea stem from? Was it Donny Darko? Was it It’s All Gone Pete Tong? These are the things that keep us up at night…