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Post Date: September 09, 2011

Midtown Door Washington DC Bars

The Midtown ‘Partyplex’ offers three distinct floors for everyone – and a sweet view!

  • Venue Type: 3 Level Bar/Club
  • Estimated Capacity: 700
  • Amenities: Bottle Service, Coat Check, Valet, Bar Games, Private Parties
  • Cover Charge: Differs nightly
  • Hours: W/Th: 10pm – 2am
    Fr/Sa: 10pm – 3am
  • Dress Code: Relaxed but proper.
  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Location: Connecticut Ave/Midtown
  • Address: 1219 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20036. (202) 681-1219
  • Website:

Atmosphere: Midtown feels like your cool friend’s party-loft in downtown [insert city here]. It’s got the VIP, super VIP, a nice view of the area in DC its named after, and a nice overall vibe. Lots of bars try too hard to be clubby – Midtown does a nice job of maintaining the proper balance. Every floor maintains the perfect ‘bar with a kick ass dance floor’ feeling. The people are always having a great time!

Venue Overview

A three floor loft perched above the intersection of Connecticut Ave and 18th street NW (across the street from 18th Street Lounge), the only bad thing about going to Midtown is finding parking! Arriving early to the neighborhood that’s very much a hub of DC nightlife is highly recommended.

A bar greets patrons as they walk in to the building’s 2nd floor. A shifting LED backdrop sends a spectrum flashing across the entire wall, from bar, across VIP, to the DJ booth at the end of the room. To the left are bathrooms and a super VIP area which has a 5-6 step staircase leading to it. To the right is a dance floor, VIP on the bar side, a platform with poles for the venue’s adventurous female patrons, and third, semi-raised VIP section.

Midtown bar Washington dc

From 2nd floor dancing to loft partying to penthouse calm, the Midtown Partyplex offers something for everyone!

The third floor of Midtown, referred to as ‘The Loft’ has a DC sports bar feel. The DJ booth sits in the middle of the room with a solid dance floor. To the left sits a bar, tables, pool table and other bar games. To the right of the dance floor is a raised VIP section with a private bar and the perfect view of the crowded DC bar action in the streets below. Exposed brick and wood floors give the room an authentic industrial atmosphere.

The intimate Midtown Penthouse, located on the top floor of the building, features a serene, zen-like escape from the dance floor/sporting themed action below. With plush couches, candle light and a statue of Buddha guarding the floor, this area is a nice change of pace.

  • Monday-Wednesday: Reserved for private events
  • Thursday: College Night feat. Open Bar 10-11
  • Friday: 3 floors of crazy times at the Midtown Partyplex!
  • Saturday: No Promoter Saturdays! No cover, no guest list.
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Photo Tour: The Midtown Loft
Midtown Bar Connecticut Ave NW

Between the Sports Bar and lounge sits a centered DJ booth with ample space to dance!

Photo Tour: The Penthouse at Midtown
Midtown bars washington dc

The Buddha watches carefully as you pour your shots!

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