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A Titanium Collar Stay That Opens Beer and More?

A Titanium Collar Stay That Opens Beer and More?

Set Of Four Collar StaysEver been stranded on your yacht in the middle of the Potomac and dropped the only bottle opener overboard? Yeah, we haven’t either but, with the Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays you would be prepared. For that matter, you’ll be prepared any time a collared shirt and bottle opener happen to be necessary in the same setting. This is more often than one would think, just wait until the fraternities hear about this one.

At first glance these are clearly something different, maybe just a gimmick one would think. Sure, a collar stay crafted of titanium seems like extreme overkill but this one does so much more. Need to open a beer, tighten (or loosen) a screw, cut an annoying loose thread, or just keep your shirt collar from looking terrible? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this gadget has you covered.

Four Purposes in OneFour will set you back a steep $50, but you will be one of the few and proud to own a shirt accessory made out of titanium with functionality that would make MacGyver jealous.

Pricing and more information can be found via: Not sure what a collar stay is? Guys please take note, a lot more people need to use these. This is one instance where using Wikipedia as a reference should be okay. And here is what they have to say about collar stays:

“The stays ensure that the collar lies flat against the collarbone, looking crisp and remaining in the correct place.”

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