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The Panorama X-Mas Reunion: 12/21 at Barcode

The Panorama X-Mas Reunion: 12/21 at Barcode

Just when I thought I was out…

Panorama Productions cordially (or not so cordially) invites its past and present employees to Barcode Restaurant, Bar and Lounge on Friday, December 21 for a few laughs, a bunch of mistletoe and liquor by the bucket.

Relive, whether you’d like to or not, the days of Zei Club, 1223, the outdoor Tiesto show, Lima and more.

Enjoy a champagne toast, food ’til Midnight and bottle service at our new Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday hangout. Come oooonnn, you know you can’t pass that up. We’ll hook you up at the door too 😉

panorama xmas


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