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11 Things That Suck About Taking The Metro

11 Things That Suck About Taking The Metro

I love DC, but commuting can be a real bitch sometimes. Here are the things about the metro that drive DC residents and commuters crazy:

1.  People who walk slow on the escalators when you’re in a hurry.

slow people

2. When you are on your way to work (or anywhere for that matter) and you see this sign:


3. When you are forced to use the metro on a holiday or after a large event and it looks like this:


4. People who bring bikes on the car and do this:


5. Pole-leaners. *shudder*


6. People who don’t put enough money on their SmartTrip or deactivate it and cause a line during rush hour.

7. Drunk people coming home from the bar/club, when they do things like this:


Although sometimes this can be amusing.

8. Couples on crowded trains who do this:


9. People who travel with things like this:


Seriously, what is that?

10. When this happens:


11. Sometimes there are idiots who decide to do things like this:


You might as well call out of work now and find a good place to sit because you’re never getting out of that station.

Essentially, taking the metro makes me feel like this sometimes:


All images taken from Google.


Editor’s note: if we had a “What’s Not Hot in DC Nightlife” category this would go there. The only hot thing about the metro is waiting on the platform in the summer.


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