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The Top 10 Most F*cked Up Nightclubs in the World

The Top 10 Most F*cked Up Nightclubs in the World

While we are all lucky to have the best clubs in Washington, DC, no club in DC quite stretches in the the far reaches of the odd and bizarre.  We took a look at some of the weirdest and wildest nightclubs in the world intended to shock, entice and entertain with some of the most f*cked up nightclub concepts.
Chillout- Dubai

Ice Bars are popping up everywhere, but an Ice Bar in the middle of the Niger Desert?!?! Enter the Middle East’s first, called Chillout where everything is sculpted from ice.  The cover charge, $17, will get you a rental parka, gloves and snow boots.

Chillout Dubai

DM Bar – Estonia

Think of your favorite band, and then imagine a bar dedicated solely to them with their memorabilia covering the walls and the DJ playing ONLY their songs, all night long. Well, if Depeche Mode is your favorite band, then you’re in luck.  Members of the band have even been spotted there. There’s nothing wrong with a little self lovin’ right?

Depeche Mode Bar

Hobbit House – Philippines

Based on the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, “Lord of The Rings,” Hobbit House entertains guests with a themed atmosphere. Plus, the entire staff is comprised of dwarfs, which were rescued from the slums of Manila.  The live club entertainment performed by, you guessed it, hobbits will entertain guests with flame-eaters, singers, jugglers and even a tiny Elvis impersonator. Not sure if this place would fly in the overly PC conscious United States, but the bar opened over 35 years ago and is going strong.

Hobbit House Manila

Das Klo Bar – Germany

Das Klo Bar (German for toilet) is an over 40 year old institution in weird clubbing. Guests can expect red wine in blood transfusion packs, electric shocks from tables, rotating bar stools, a hammer that comes down unexpectedly. Upon entry guests are sprayed with water, spooked by skeletons and lightning. The ceiling is made of paper mâché sculpted to resemble rocks that fall in a giant avalanche every 10 minutes. A kilted figure in the ladies room is booby-trapped so that whenever a lady lifts the kilt to see if he is going commando, a siren goes off in the bar. Seating is a choice of coffins or toilet seats, the beer is served in new urine specimen bottles, and the food is sausages with sauerkraut fetchingly presented in huge enamel potties.

Das Klo Bar

Alux Restaurant & Lounge- Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

This underground nightclub is set literally, underground in a cavern complete with stalagmites and stalactites that are illuminated with glowing club lights. Just hope that you don’t get a visit from any bats pooing in your martini.

Alux Playa Del Carmen

The Miniscule of Sound- Hackney, London

Meant to poke fun at the mega club in London, Ministry of Sound, the Miniscule of Sound is the world’s smallest nightclub in the changing room of an outdoor swimming pool that is no longer in use. The music policy is anything that “ain’t too warped or scratched”. There is no cover charge, but the bouncer keeps the maximum capacity at 14 in the 4ft by 8ft club. Talk about exclusive. But do people really want to party in a club the size of a porta potty?

Miniscule of Sound

Clinic – Singapore

Visiting a hospital might be expected after a bender of partying and drinking, but Singapore’s Clinic Nightclub brings the weird up a notch with a hospital themed club complete with wheelchairs as seating, a gift shop, pill shaped rooms that interlink to give a drug ‘trip’ effect. You’ll drink from test tubes and IV bags, eat from bedpans, lie on hospital beds with white curtains, and get your groove on in the Morphine room. Get well soon!

Clinic Singapore

Club4Climate- London

The club’s slogan pretty much sums it up ‘All you have to do is dance to save the world’ in one of the worlds only eco-friendly nightclubs.  The requirement is simple, guests must sign a pledge to help fight global warming, plus no cover charge to the eco friendly patrons who walked or rode their bike to the club. Sixty percent of the clubs power is generated from the dancers on the dancefloor. Way to reduce your carbon footprint and keep the party going.

Club4Climate London

The Giger Museum Bar- Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland

Designed by the creator of the Academy Award winning designer of the movie “Alien” the inside is designed to look like the inside of a foreign creature complete with cozy seating in the carcass of dead aliens, and a great view.

Giger Museum Bar, Switzerland

Baby Loves Disco- Traveling

Baby Loves Disco was created in Philadelphia by professional dancer and mother. All events are held in a nightclub during the afternoon hours and include a DJ, MC, classic disco and 80’s tunes, healthy snacks, a chill-out zone with books and toys, diaper changing stations. This childproof nightclub usually operates in the afternoon and hosts events across the US for busy moms who still want to party.

Baby Loves Disco


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