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Fashion at the Gym: The Lulu Lifestyle

Fashion at the Gym: The Lulu Lifestyle

How to Look Good While Sweating
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz • @getWITZit

Exercising and being healthy is a lifestyle. I’m not trying to preach about eating healthy or any of that garbage. Although, it is wonderful. Maybe that’s just my New Year’s resolution talking.

But whoever is talking to you, embrace the advice.

Drawing from personal experience, I can honestly say working out while surrounded by hot, buff boys is literally the most miserable experience. Like, not only do they look muscley and amazing, but you’re just expected to stand there and not look pathetic?

fat chicks in unitards

Hey, we give her credit for exercising. It’s the unitard that raises questions.

Wearing a baggy tshirt to the gym may as well be social suicide (*editors note – but we definitely respect the unitard). And sporting a sorority tank or philanthropy event tee is getting a bit tired. What’s a girl to do? What’s a girl to wear?

Cue Lulu Lemon!

Lulu Lemon is your destination for workout gear that makes you look fabulous no matter what. Fortunately, even if you’re doing nothing, you will still look legit.

where to buy lululemon

Lulu Lemon (Lulu for short, duh) offers customers everything from yoga to running gear. The options guarantee that you look put together at the gym, out on the trail or even in the studio.

The best news? Lulu is BEYOND flattering. It’s like workout Spanx. And that, my friends, is fabulous news. Might even help you contribute to your goal of faking it till ya make it.

Our personal faves? The Wunder Under Pant and the Power Y Tank.

lululemon pants

Sport any combination of workout leggings and a top to class or even in the streets. This will ensure your legitimacy and street cred while also making you feel great about yourself.

Here’s a crazy thought. Maybe wear your outfit to the actual gym! Insane, right? Did you know exercise is proven to increase your mood and make you more attractive? WOW. I know, right?

Do yourself a favor. Stick to your resolutions, if those included bettering yourself and your style. Go for a run. Do some yoga. Do some squats to get that perfect butt. Whatever you do, just do you. Sweat it out to look your best.

Lululemon locations in the Washington, DC area include Georgetown, Logan Circle, Clarendon, Bethesda and Tyson’s.


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