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Godfather of Drum n’ Bass- Aphrodite at Ultrabar

Godfather of Drum n’ Bass- Aphrodite at Ultrabar

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Post Date: November 11, 2011

3D Productions host Ultra Bass at Ultrabar Wednesday November 16, featuring the “Godfather of Drum n’ Bass”, Aphrodite. Presale tickets are available for $15 HERE.  Doors open at 9PM and allow an 18 and over crowd with no dress code and reentry.

Gavin King’s career in DJing and production has spanned 16 years and under various guises, “Godfather of Drum n’ Bass”, “King of the Beats” and more is responsible for introducing, entertaining and moving millions of Drum and Bass fans across the globe. From Shanghai to Rio, UK to USA, Sydney to Cape Town, Moscow to South Korea his travels are far reaching and is in constant demand to spread his own good strong dance vibe from clubs to large festivals.

His productions find themselves into CD players, MP3 players, films, radio, TV and DJ record bags all over the world. Two successful artist albums, Aphrodite and Aftershock on V2 records with a third to be released very soon, numerous Mix albums, Urban Jungle, Overdrive, Urban Junglist and more with a new releases also planned soon, make DJ Aphrodite one of the most influential and most listened to players in the entire Drum and Bass world.

For table reservations email