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Ryan Seacrest wants to go ‘Glowsticking’ with Tiesto

Ryan Seacrest wants to go ‘Glowsticking’ with Tiesto

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Post Date: October 10, 2011

Ryan Seacrest attempts to Interview Tiesto…

and he FAILS…


In a radio interview of Tiesto by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show based in Los Angeles, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, on Wednesday, Seacrest showed he is more skilled at interviewing the Kardashians about their Sear’s clothing line than anything to do with electronic music. Named the World’s Biggest DJ by Mixmag magazine in London, Tiesto was on the radio show to promote his upcoming College Invasion Tour.

I'm going to smash Seacrest with my giant DJ hands!

Throughout the interview Seacrest made himself appear as if Wilfred Brimley (the old man from the Oatmeal commercials and Cocoon) was interviewing Tiesto.  He was obviously clueless about the electronic music scene and also had a rough time at the controls.

He opened up the show with saying “Wow this guy gets what like 10 million ‘likes’ on Facebook?” As if that’s what makes him a great DJ, then said, “do the ladies like a little Tiesto”, in a dirty porn voice.

Furthering the barf factor, every time Seacrest or his sidekick asked Tiesto a question, a Tiesto track would blast in interrupting Tiesto’s attempt to answer the questions, which garnered awkward giggles from Tiesto.

To make the interview even more hilarious and awesome, Seacrest said, “One of these days we got to pack up the station wagon… and go glow sticking”.  Excuse me, glow sticking? Is that a verb? Also, Forbes reported that Seacrest brought home $51 million last year, so unless he owns a station wagon factory…

Then he asked, again the World’s Biggest DJ, “What is the best way to rage?” How did Seacrest prepare for this interview, by brushing up on a copy of Tiger Beat from 1984?  Rage?

As if Seacrest wasn’t annoying enough, his sidekick kept chiming in with equally ignorant questions.  For example, a clip from Tiesto’s track Maximal Crazy played and she asked Tiesto do we ever get mellow just to like bring it down?”  Yes, yes he does, mid set Tiesto will slow it down for the ladies and blast Hello by Lionel Richie.

To make matters worse, Seacrest asked Tiesto if he ‘makes love’ to this ‘type of music’.  To think of former McButter Pants Seacrest (he was a hefty adolescent) ‘making love’ to Tiesto, or any music, well… <shutters>

All is good in the hood

Finally, Seacrest wonders out loud (unfortunately) whether Tiesto and fellow world famous DJ David Guetta are friends or rivals.  To which Tiesto answered,  “We are not enemies, we are friends. We are completely different. He is more in the R&B world and I’m more in the indie rock world. So, it is a different kind of style, but we are definitely good friends and colleagues.”

So all is well in the electronic music brotherhood. Tiesto is putting on a huge event this Saturday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California for The Club Life College Invasion Tour playing to 26,000 people.

Make sure to listen to the full interview to hear what a tool Ryan Seacrest was during this interview and especially to hear how Seacrest pronounces “Tiesto” in the final seconds.