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Saam’s Corner | Sexy Rexy

Saam’s Corner | Sexy Rexy

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Post Date: October 10, 2011

This is my weekly rant on the Redskins…The Topic: Sexy Rexy.

You wanna ride him for not playing great the last 2 weeks, fine. So be it…I won’t disagree with your points you make. But if you’re going rip him for his performance the last 2 weeks, you better praise him for winning the games for us the first two weeks of the season when he lead us on two come from behind drives against the giants and 2 more the next week against the cardinals. I’m not saying he’s joe montana here and he’s probably not going to be our starter moving forward next year, but one thing he’s capable of doing is winning a game for you. Something that John Beck has proven that he CAN’T do (winless in his career as a starter in the nfl).

People make the argument that beck is more “mobile” and say some BS about how he’s more effective running a bootleg…COME ON!!! Are you serious right now??? Mobility isn’t the key to being succesful in the NFL as a starting QB. Just ask the eagles how they’re doing with Mike Vick and Vince Young. By my account, the eagles have lost 2 games simply because of vick’s inability to stay healthy due to his “mobility.” Having a crappy O-line doesnt help either, but how is this situation with vick any different than what we had with Jason Campbell?? And we ran him out of D.C.

No matter what Rex Grossman does, he will always be the scapegoat. Has he played amazing? No, of course not, there’s always room for improvement, but you can’t sit here and say that we’d be be BETTER with John Beck when he’s already PROVEN that he can’t win a game in the NFL and couldn’t even beat out rex in the preseason. Don’t blame GROSSMAN because he’s the best QB on our Roster! Blame Shanahan for not DRAFTING a QB.

We’re 3-1…take it and move on. We have a bye week coming up and we’re playing an Eagles team that is susceptible to the run! If you told me as a Skins fan that we could be 4-1 after 6 weeks and we still haven’t even played our best football. I would’ve told you that you were INSANE. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS


-DJ Saam


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