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Saam’s Corner | Top 10 | Holy Mother of Avicii

Saam’s Corner | Top 10 | Holy Mother of Avicii

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Post Date: August 08, 2011

Avicii Stage Show at IDentity DC

Let me just start off this week’s blog by slapping everyone who didn’t go to Identity over the back of the head. INEXCUSABLE!

 I’ve been to a lot of festivals and concerts in my day:

“United We Stand”
“Virgin Fest”
HFSTival” (Back when it was good)
“Kegs and Eggs” etc…

But none of them topped the experience that was “Identity.” Such a great vibe, amazing crowd, and it was so awesome to see how EDM can bring thousands of people together. Whether it was everyone jumping for Steve Aoki or 10,000 people putting their hands up in the air for Avicii, it was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. Thank you to Glow, Panorama and Live Nation for bringing it all together!


The only thing i didn’t understand were the outfits. Look, I’m the last one to complain about 22 year old girls walking around half naked and grinding up on me while i’m jamming out to Chuckie’s set, but GOOD GOD!


Ladies, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DRESS LIKE A SLUT TO TELL PEOPLE THAT YOU LISTEN TO HOUSE/TRANCE/DUBSTEP. It’s totally ok to JUST WEAR SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT. And fellas, don’t think you’re off the hook either. Kermit the Frog backpacks were retired in the 4th grade. SERIOUSLY!


On that note, This week’s top 10 gets an EDM Twist. With the evolution of house and electronic music, it’s noticeable to see how it’s influenced club music as a whole. I remember 4 years ago there were nights when I wouldn’t even DARE to play house and now, it dominates my set. With that said, here are the top 10 house tracks that you will hear in the club!


10. Swedish House Mafia– “Miami to Ibiza” Just a heads up, this is now the only time you will be seeing SHM on this list. Tinie Tempah is slowly starting to blow up! The English artist went from rapping in pubs to getting on the guest list with the Swedish House Mafia. How can I get on that list?


9. Steve Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots- “Warp 1.9” There are very few songs that get a crowd as hype as this song does. If you’ve never heard this song…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! The drop is amazing and the build up is epic. Its the perfect fusion between hard house and rock!


8. Benassi “Cinema” (Skrillex Remix)- It’s no secret about how much i despise dubstep, but as a DJ, you have to cater to the crowd and there’s no denying the fact that this track definitely caters to a crowd! Skrillex, no matter what you think of his music and style of dubstep, is definitely a pioneer in the genre and brings a lot of people together. #Props!


7. Afrojack & R3hab-Prutataaa” Is there a more dominant duo in the world of house music right now than these two? Hard house #ftw.


6. The Temper Trap- “Sweet Disposition” (Axwell and Dirty South Remix)- Always gotta show love for the classics and this is certainly a classic! Arguably one of the best house remixes of all time!


5. Tiesto and Hardwell “Zero 76”- One word and only one word describes this track: #Winning. That is all.


4. Eric Prydz “Call on Me”- One of the best songs of all time, regardless of the genre. Everyone sings out loud to this song!


3. Swedish House Mafia- “Save The World”- I warned you guys that you would see the SHM again on the list. This is actually my favorite SHM of all time. We anxiously await the day that the entire trio of DJS do an entire set together here in the States #glowwashingtondc 😉


2. Calvin Harris-Awooga“- Honestly, this track has it all. I think Calvin Harris could retire from music today and make millions just off of the royalties of this track. I predict this song will be played in nightclubs all over the world for many years to come! #winning


1. Avicii “Levels”- Big room and soulful house music for the win! Amazing instrumentals with just the right amount of vocals. Sometimes the vocals can drain out the production of the track but this track has the perfect balance. You heard it here first, when the newest edition of the dj mag top 100 comes out, Avicii will be #1 or #2.


Thank you guys for reading this week’s top 10. As usual if you fee like there was a track that I missed or maybe a song that you would like me to pay more attention to, please hit me up on Facebook and twitter!


On that note, let me just say, FOR THE LOVE OF HOUSE MUSIC 🙂 Cheers!


DJ Saam

*The views and opinions expressed by DJ Saam do not necessarily reflect those of Panorama Productions or