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Warning: Metro May Start Closing Earlier On Weekends!

Warning: Metro May Start Closing Earlier On Weekends!

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Post Date: March 03, 2011

The DC Metro’s board of directors is once again considering earlier closing times to leave more time for repairs. This time however, they’re floating the idea of closing stations at midnight on weekends!

washington dc metro subway closedWhile we would all like to see an improvement in maintenance, there are similar systems with much longer operating hours and less downtime that have managed to remain operational. This smells much more like a sneaky way to save money (they project it would save 5 million annually) than perform more track maintenance.

Closing the metro early “will seriously harm, if not kill, established and emerging entertainment districts” explained the restaurant association.

All this comes after record-high numbers of travelers take to the trains on Saturday nights. The obvious downfall is that it would hinder DC nightlife and inconvenience residents at best. However, when transportation options are limited people will still go out. This could mean more drunk drivers and road congestion making your trip home more .. interesting.

Monkey Thinking

Better way to pick weekend hours for metro?

So what are these people thinking? Not sure, but hopefully the plan gets dismissed just as quickly as the other times they’ve tried to reduced Metro hours. If not, perhaps we need a more viable option for deciding metro weekend hours. The only people that aren’t upset right now are taxi drivers who would benefit from such a change. The people already riding taxis would have to wait much longer to get one in most cases.