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Why Trap Is The Next Big Thing

Why Trap Is The Next Big Thing

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Post Date: July 07, 2013

What Is Trap?


For the last few years EDM has been gaining much popularity and music festivals like Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo and Camp Bisco have been attracting large crowds of house-heads and introducing many other sub-genres into the mix as well; one of them being trap. From the beginning of time every music genre has had its time when it starts to develop into something else and has a recognizable difference to its listeners and this is what has been happening with trap music.


You may have heard of trap and think it’s just extreme hip-hop, well you’re wrong. Trap is basically what you get when you combine heavy house beats with hip-hop. It originated in the Early 2000’s from Southern Hip Hop and crunk music with artists like Lil’ Jon, the Ying Yang Twins and Young Jeezy. Its sound has gone through many changes and progressed a lot as many different artists and DJs have influenced its sound but it can mostly be characterized by relatively low BPM (beats per minute), hi-hats, soaring synthesizers and kick drums that pulse and reverberate.


Today trap music has been very influenced by Dubstep but without the constant bass and excessive commotion that there is in some Dubstep music. It contains elements from house, drum and bass, dubstep, EDM and moomahton. It has been labeled as the “new dubstep” and “new moombahton” and DJs like Diplo, Flosstradamus and Bauuer are continuing to widen its popularity among both EDM fans and hip-hop fans.



The slow BPMs allow even the most uncoordinated, biggest lack of rhythm white girl dancers to find the beat and not dance off beat like usual. The heavy drops and kick drums make every girl want to booty pop so if you don’t want to see chicks wiggling and bopping around with their hands in the air like pogo sticks anymore than try turning off your stupid Ke$ha and Taylor Swift songs, turn these tracks up and watch what happens.