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A Girl’s Summer Fashion Guide to Lace & Crochet

A Girl’s Summer Fashion Guide to Lace & Crochet

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Post Date: June 06, 2012

Let’s Get Lacy Racy
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

women's summer 2012 fashion trendsWhen I think of summer only two things come to mind: lace and crochet… and lots of it. They’re really one in the same.

So let’s play the lacy racy game! Kidding, there’s no game. But you should go buy some.

Not all lace is racy, by the way. It just rhymes and sounds cool and should make you want to wear it more.

And there’s lots of ways to wear it!

  1. Crochet can be glued onto jean shorts.
    I’m not telling you to buy a glue gun and ruin your favorite shorts, though it may be a fun project.
    I’m pleading for you to go guy the cutest jean shorts you ever did see.
    (Crochet Bonita Cutoff Shorts on Nasty Gal, Lacey Denim Cutoff Shorts from Free People)
  2. Going to the beach and think you can’t look fly? Think again! Rock a crochet bikini! It’ll have you saying, “I’m confident and cool, I can even rock crochet in a pool.”
    (Belle Crochet Beandeau top from Victoria’s Secret)
  3. Another thing that comes to fashion mind when the topic of summer arises is the sundress, duh. Sundresses are the perfect warm weather staple. They’re oh so easy to wear and instantly make you pretty and put together. Update the classic sundress with an edgier lace alternative.
    (Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress from Free People).

    Why not wear a lace dress and frolic around the club like a carefree soul who didn’t take long to get ready but still kills it.

women's lace tops club fashionLast and maybe most important: How you can rock this lace or crochet look at the clubs?

We’ve previously talked about how the bralette is taking over. You can rock the lace bralette and kill two looks with one piece!
(Zinke Lace Crop Bralette on Free People)

Maybe wear a top with lace accents, for those of you who like to keep it simple.

This way, you can show other club-goers how cool you are for getting down with the trends while still remaining true to your laid back style.
(Wave Crochet Lace Top from Wasteland)

It’s time to get racy, ladies, and we insist, go buy some lacy.