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I’m Rich B*tch! Comedy Show Comes to Echostage

I’m Rich B*tch! Comedy Show Comes to Echostage

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Post Date: July 07, 2013

Donnell Rawlings (aka Ashy Larry)

Donnell Rawlings at Echostage

Michael Blackson
Melanie Camacho
Hosted by: Joe Clair | Music by: DJ Class

Thurs. July 18 7:30pm | Echostage
2135 Queens Chapel Rd. NE, Washington, DC

DC Native Donnell Rawlings (aka Ashy Larry), famous from Chappelle’s Show, is set to bring an “Echo of Laffs” to Echostage on Thursday July 18.

Famous for his catchphrase “I’m rich, biaaaaach!” which played at the end of every episode he’s sure to have the audience in an uproar of laughter. Ever ended a sentence with “Son!”? Donnell Rawlings is the reason why. A regular guest on arguably the the greatest sketch comedy show ever, Donnell Rawlings forever marked pop culture with his ridiculous characters, antics and epic catch phrases. The Comedy Central star performs Thursday July 18 at Echostage!

Joining him are Michel Blackson, who found his inspirations from Eddie Murphy, and Melanie Camacho. The event will be hosted by local comedy and radio legend Joe Clair, music will be by DJ Class.

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