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Ladies, Go Buy Now: High Fashion Sneakers

Ladies, Go Buy Now: High Fashion Sneakers

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Post Date: May 05, 2012

They say beauty is pain.
But does it have to be?
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

pain from high heelsDo you wear heels because they make you look leggy? Or because they make you look fly? Or is it just because they make you look like an individual who gets down when its dark out?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, congratulations! You’ve got style… but your feet are probably killing you!

Beauty does not have to be pain. You can be cool, hot and stylish while still being comfortable. Sounds crazy, we know, maybe even impossible. So let’s digress into the problem and a possible solution: sneakers.

You’re probably reading this and saying “Sneakers, for a night out in at the clubs in DC? You must be dreaming… or insane!” But in fact, this idea is not crazy, it is ingenious. It’s actually surprising no one has thought of this before.

high fashion sneakers for womenLucky for you, someone finally did. And now you can rock the wedged sneaker without a care in the world. And more importantly, without a blister on your foot.

Just to clarify, this is not an insinuation for you to go out and buy New Balance sneaks for a night out. No, DC nightlife isn’t comparable to a trip to the gym; instead, what you should be drooling over is the high fashion sneaker.

If the comfort factor isn’t enough for you, maybe the fact that Kate Bosworth rocks these sneakers is motivation enough. All the fashion followers wear them to fashion shows. If that doesn’t scream high fashion, I’m not quite sure what does.

This fancy shoe has a wedge which gives you just a tiny bit of height, and just generally makes you look hardcore and awesome.

high fashion womens sneakersRock them with some skinny jeans, perhaps jeggings, or even those bandage skirts; people will envy the comfort on your feet and you can jump around and dance the freaking night away in style.

So, lovers of fly kicks, GO BUY NOW: high fashion sneakers.

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