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10 Useful Things to Remember When Moving

10 Useful Things to Remember When Moving

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Post Date: September 09, 2013

You finally have a new job, new apartment, possibly in a new city. The lease is signed and the keys are in your pocket. Now all you have to do is move…

You may wanna keep the following things in mind:

dc metro photo1. Are you bringing your car? If you’re moving somewhere with great public transportation, good cabs and horrible parking (sound familiar?) you may want to sell your ride. Put it on Craigslist a month or two out just in case.

moving with friends2. Are you moving in/out of places with stairs? Do freight elevators need to be reserved? Are there specific move-in/out hours? You should probably make sure you have dolly/luggage carts at your disposable. Moving dressers SUCKS.

packing for a move

3. PACK EARLY. Don’t f*** yourself and pack the night before you move. Maybe a week before you’re outtie, set a few things aside as if you were going on vacation. That’s what you’ll live off. Pack everything else and make sure it’s completely done. And LABEL YOUR BOXES (kitchen, bedroom, office, etc.) Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. If you have roommates, decide what you’re taking, what you’re leaving and any sort of money issues regarding common items, security deposit, etc. This can be a shitty thing sometimes but at the end of the day, you don’t want a bad break up. It’s not worth the stress, hassle and bad vibes. Make concessions if you must, or fuck it, start a fight and never talk to them again. Your call.

(watch ’til the end… they fight, shake hands and that was that)

moving truck

5. Reserve a U-Hall in advance. If you wait until the week of they may not have the type of truck you need. Go to the place early and get boxes… big, small, wardrobe, etc. They’re cheap and returnable so buy a bunch. If your current building has a listserv then use it. People more than likely have boxes they don’t want.

And don’t believe that whole “Move for $19.99” bs. I spent $377 moving from DC to NY.

6. Bribe your friends. Sure, your friends should help you move. But god damn, take care of them! Moving sucks, dude. And I’m not talking about getting them subs and wings. Take them to dinner, maybe do something beforehand to make the dinner taste better, you know.

hot neighbors apartment

7. Don’t look like a bum. There might be hot chicks (or guys) living in your building, on your floor or next to you. Make sure have that ‘hot just moving in’ look so you can lay the foundation for some friends w/ benefits nearby.

barneys NYC bag

8. Pack with boxes that once held expensive items and have lots of branding on the outside. That way your new neighbors will think you’re ballin and want to be friends with you (or want to rob you…)

learning a new city

9. Learn your new neighborhood. The bars, restaurants, subway, parking, etc. Take a couple hours and walk 10 blocks up and down each way and on every side street. Find those hidden neighborhood gems. Do this once during the day and once at night to really get acquainted.

sketchy moving guys

Hire movers. But not these guys… Get a reference!!!

10. Hire movers!!! If you don’t feel like doing all the BS you can simply hire a moving company. It can be costly, so practice due diligence and shop around. Ask your friends, family and their friends and family if they know anyone. Or get your new job to pay for it. And book them more than a week in advance. And try not to hire anyone shady who’s going to hold your stuff for ransom and lie about shipping weights…

And there you have it.