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Tiësto Makes Billboard Cover: Brings Dance Music to the World

Tiësto Makes Billboard Cover: Brings Dance Music to the World

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Post Date: September 09, 2011

Tiesto Billboard Cover


Named “The Greatest DJ of all Time” by Mixmag, Tiësto has more accomplishments than many small countries .. and some not-so-small ones. He’s played for a 250,000+ person event, traveled the world, received a Grammy nomination, won MTV awards, played for the Olympics, is cast in a wax statue, and so much more. His tour in 2010 was named among the top 25 grossing tours (of 2010) in the world; traveling over 6 continents, playing for over a million people, and holding 175 dates over 15 months is no joke.

Over the years, electronic dance music (EDM) has been intertwined with other musical genres and subcultures that, at least in the United States, don’t normally reach the mainstream surface. Tiësto, through brilliantly designed light shows and amazing performances, has helped revamp the thinking of millions over the years. In the process, he managed to captivate the world. EDM was no longer a genre reserved for few but has become a music for the masses. Cracking into mainstream America isn’t so easy but, with collaborations, a show to entertain the masses, and reinvention over time, Tiësto has accomplished just that for himself and for dance music the world over. On April 9, 2011 Washington, DC got to see the magic that is Tiësto firsthand when he played a 10,000 person concert at DC Armory for Club Glow.

It doesn’t get too much bigger than landing the cover of Billboard Magazine however, and Tiësto has done just that. Overshadowing names like Maroon 5, Aguilera, and more, Tiësto sits confidently on the cover of Billboard in a desolate environment with stone, sand, mountains, dead plants, records, and a his headphones. To the left of his name reads simply and accurately “The Only Arena DJ in the World.” With a serious face, a look of determination, and a faint smile it speaks that he has made it through continued hard work and determination. Music is universal in this world, and Tiësto has brought, directly or indirectly, dance music to the masses. This metamorphosis of the club music scene is so massive that it’s attracting big names to sponsor his new Club Life: Campus Invasion tour beginning September 15. Axe, Armani Exchange, Heineken, Sandisk, and Playstation ring any bells? They’re household names just like Tiësto. The tour will conclude with a record breaking 26,000 person show at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California: the biggest single-headliner DJ Concert in US history.

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