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Post Date: April 04, 2011

1. Rihanna – S&M » Play (video)

Album: Loud

Rihanna hangs on to the number two spot with “S&M.” This track has been on the charts for 14 weeks! What a hit! With a title like that it really needs no more explanation! When combined with a racy, somewhat disturbing, music video it’s one of the most controversial tracks currently.

2. Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West – E.T. » Play (video)
Katy Perry

Album: Teenage Dream

Katy Perry falls one to number two this week with ten weeks on the charts! Katy joins forces with Kanye to create this new hit with a great dance feel. The release of the official music video has probably helped push this song to the number one spot, check it out!

3. The Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough » Play (video)
Black Eyed Peas

Album: The Beginning/The Best of the E.N.D.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” has a great beat and an incredible club feel. Lyrics invoking love and the one you just can’t get enough of round out an original song with the same Black Eyed Peas sound you love! They’re still just behind Rihanna, maybe they’ll be number two next week!

4. Jeremih Feat. 50 Cent – Down On Me » Play (video)

Album: All About You

Jeremih and 50 Cent are Back and here to say, holding on to the charts for 23 weeks and beating out Chris Brown this week to take number six. This is another song that doesn’t need much description, with that title and a little imagination you can figure out what it’s all about.

5. Cee Lo Green – F**k You » Play
Cee Lo Green

Album: F**k You

“F**k You” falls one this week to number five. Ten weeks on the charts is nothing to be upset about though! If you see them “driving ’round town with the girl [you] love” then there’s only one thing to say .. f**k you!

6.  Adele – Rolling In The Deep » Play (video)

Album: 21

Clinging on to the top ten at number ten but on the charts for 15weeks, Adele brings a decidedly different sound to the charts. In this song Adele vents her anger at a relationship that could have “had it all” but instead she is betrayed by the one she loves. Adele contributes to the serious message by comparing her anger to a rising fever and promising to expose him for who he is.

7. Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now » Play (video)
Chris Brown

Album: Look At Me Now

Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes bring Hip-Hop/R&B to the overall top ten while topping those charts at number one. Falling one to number seven, “Look At Me Now” is enjoying 11 weeks on the charts.

8.  Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull – On the Floor » Play (video)
Jennifer Lopez

Album: On the Floor

Lopez and Pitbull still on the top ten at number eight this week with “On the Floor,” a song most literally about tearing up the dance floor. Some say it sounds too much like Kat DeLuna’s “Party O’Clock” and Maya’s “Stereo Love,” what do you think?

9. Britney Spears – Till The World Ends » Play (video)
Britney Spears

Album: Femme Fatale

It’s pretty surprising that “Till The World Ends” hasn’t seen more time on the top ten. With seven weeks on on the charts and only three on the top ten (not consecutively) this song is not performing as well as some would think. Either way, Britney still never fails to make a hit!

10. Lady GaGa – Judas » Play
Lady GaGa

Album: Judas

“Judas” makes its debut on the charts at number ten this week. We can assume that “Judas” is about betrayal but take a listen to find out yourself!