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Beating the Heat in DC

Beating the Heat in DC

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Post Date: July 07, 2013

hot-foodHow to Beat the Heat in DC
Contributing Writer Robbie

It’s hot right now, really hot, and sometimes DC residents just need to cool down. Here are some ways to take a break from the sun and cool off.

5557928950_8bb7acc30a_oTake the metro

Navigating the city by foot can be both time consuming and frustrating in this weather. All metro cars are air-conditioned Many of the under ground stations have air chillers located in the center of the platform. You can feel the cool air by standing near those tall structures that have the station names on them.


broken fire hydrantDo not bust open fire hydrants

Instead, check out the Georgetown waterfront, which has tons of interactive fountains and wont get you in trouble. Its located on the Potomac shore near Wisconsin and Water street NW.


Go to a museum / Local library

Museums are not only free but great ways to cool off. Try going to one you haven’t been too. A local library is also a great way to get out the sun. Why not combine being productive with hitting the books.


Get an iced coffee

Naturally cold drinks are perfect ways to quell the heat. Mix it up and try something different than Starbucks. Check out M.E Swing Coffee at 1702 G Street NW on the corner of 17th. Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar, which has locations at 1726 20th  Street and 1916 I Street (between Penn & K) is another great alternative.


rooftop poolPool

Whether it’s a local pool or your friends apt building, taking a dip will surely make you feel better. Try checking out a pool party with some friends. Next best thing (editors note: better)? Head over to Ultrabar for the Lifeguard Party August 2nd.


Go see a movie

It doesn’t get much cooler at night so why not take that girl or guy you’ve been seeing to a movie. You know you’ve been thinking about all those sweet movies that have been coming out.


Suck it up

Know that it could always be worse. You should never stress over something you can’t control, especially the weather. Try popping on some headphones on your way work to keep your mind off the heat and make sure you stay hydrated.