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Best American Drinking Holidays

Best American Drinking Holidays

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Post Date: March 03, 2013

Everyone knows American’s don’t need much of an excuse to get drunk but here are the best holidays to spend getting obliterated for a purpose.

St. Paddy’s Day

Who really cares if you’re Irish or not anymore? Everyone knows St. Patricks Day is just a great excuse to get drunk wearing funny green accessories and pinch anyone without green on. Seeing as it’s on a Sunday this year, we’re getting a head start on the celebrations so head over to Bar-Code Friday night for their “Go Green” party with happy hour drink specials and specials from 10-3AM and Saturday at Ultrabar is their “St. Patrick’s Celebration”  with drink specials and free cover for ladies 21+ before midnight.

Cinco De Mayo

Most Americans don’t really know what the hell Cinco De Mayo is really supposed to celebrate but we already knew were ignorant about most things so why not celebrate anyway! No better excuse to drink tequila till you pass out wearing a sombrero!

Fourth of July

There’s only one thing Americans love more than drinking.. America! Of course celebrating our countries independence is important so why not do it by consuming the most American things there are: a cold beer, hot dog and some pie all while decked out in red white and blue watching some fireworks.





Who says the fun has to stop after trick or treating as a kid? Halloween is not only a good excuse for us grown ups to have adult fun but for chicks to dress up as the skanky versions of their favorite movie characters.. or taco bell spices.

Thanksgiving Eve

Whether you’re a college kid being reunited with old hometown friends or trying to forget about the fact that you have to spend a whole day with your in-laws tomorrow, drink up because you’ll have plenty of great food to ease the hangover in the morning!

New Years Eve

It’s a great day to dress up, and cheers to the New Year and “new beginnings”. Why not tell ourselves that we won’t make all the same mistakes next year, one can always hope right? And don’t forget to find that random stranger to kiss when the clock strikes 12 to kick off those resolutions you set for yourself

Super Bowl Sunday

While it’s not really a holiday, it practically is in America. Whether your team is in it or not, gather up your friends, pick a side and yell like crazy while drinking beer because there’s nothing more American than football. The best part is all of the game day food so come on an empty stomach!

Mardi Gras

Another holiday that has been taken out of context and commercialized by the beer companies. Nothing gets a girl to flash you quite like waving around beads on Mardis Gras, I mean who doesn’t want free beads?