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Your Guide to DC Food Trucks, Round 2

Your Guide to DC Food Trucks, Round 2

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Post Date: October 10, 2012

The Food Truck Craze Continues!
We could barely move after checking out 15 food trucks in our first DC street food experience. We worked it off and are back with profiles on a fresh set of 15 delicious DC food trucks.

Rolls On Rolls

Washington dc food trucks rolls on rolls
No need to worry about your jeans getting any tighter with this food truck! With only healthy food choices, this truck makes sure you eat genuine New Delhi inspired Kathi Rolls.

Find the DC Kathi Rolls Truck @RollsOnRolls | Hang with Rolls On Rolls on Facebook


Washington dc food trucks cajunator
This New Orleans influenced food truck adds some spice and flavor to DC’s streets. Some of the best shrimp po’boys come from here at a really great price!

Find the Cajunator Food Truck @cajunators | Hang with Cajunators on Facebook

Sang on Wheels

Washington dc food trucks sang vietnamese food
Coming from Laos, Sang knows her stuff when it comes to making a good dish. The drunken noodles with shrimp is one of her specialities and she is known for adding a little extra something on a given day. Catch her soon and see what she has to offer!

Find Sang on Wheels Food Truck@SangOnWheels | Hang with Sang on Wheels on her website

Tops Trucks

best dc food trucks tops
Hungry for some chili on a cold day? Well here is your truck. Serving sausage, chili cheese fries or your not so average hot dog, Tops adds some sweet and spice to DC, and quickly. Their service is insanely fast, making sure you get your fix in no time.

Find the Tops Food Truck @TopsTrucks | Hang with Sang on Wheels on Facebook

Juice Revolution

juice truck washington dc
If you want a change from your soda and coffee routine, try a healthier dose of energy with a smoothie filled with your favorite fruits.

Find the Juice Revolution Truck @JuiceRevolution | Check out Juice Revolution on their website

Dorothy Moon’s

dc food trucks
Giving 5 Guys a run for their money, this truck is the only one on the street that produces fresh, made to order burgers. Try them out!

Find the Dorothy Moon’s Truck @DorothyMoon1 | Hang with Dorothy Moon on Facebook

Borinquen Lunchbox

spanish dc food trucks
Some fine, Puerto Rican cuisine is all you need to take you away from DC for a while. You can never go wrong with the churrasco, the cuban or the tripletas sandwiches. If you have a few extra bucks on you, try one of the beef-filled plantain fritters or empanadillas. So good!

Find the Borinquen Lunchbox @Borinquenlunchb | Hang with Borinquen Lunchbox on Facebook

Chef Driven DC

chef driven dc food truck
A weekly changing menu with a consistently good review, this professional chef in a truck is known for only producing the most high end food from a a deep-fryer, a gas grill, burners and a panini press.

Find DC’s Chef Driven Food Truck @FOODTRUCKTWITTER | Hang with Chef Driven DC on Facebook

Cirque Cuisine

cajun street food trucks
Never has there been a disappointed customer walking away from Cirque Cuisine. With a new menu every week, eaters flock to this truck to see what comes next. Everything is organic so you won’t feel guilty when you’re done.

Find the Cirque Cuisine Truck @Cirquecuisin | Hang with Cirque Cuisine on Facebook

DC Ballers

washington dc food trucks
Falafel and french fries. What more do you need? This truck has what you want and at a great price! Check them out when they come near you!

Find the DC Ballers Truck @DcBallers | Hang with DC Ballers on Facebook

Carnivore BBQ

dc bbq food trucks
The name explains itself. Meat on meat on meat, with some added sauces. Your choices range from the smoked chicken, pulled pork or beef brisket with homemade sauces and sides of slaw or loaded smoked beans. Is your mouth watering or what?

Find the Carnivore BBQ Truck @carnbbq | Hang with Carnivore BBQ on Facebook

Feelin Crabby

DC crab lobster food truck
In the mood for fresh seafood? A little bit of crab, lobster or…crobster? Some crab and lobster mixed together in a sandwich can make for a confused new customer but regulars love this dish!

Find the Feelin Crabby Truck @FeelinCrabby | Hang with Feelin Crabby on Facebook


thai food washington dc
A pretty straight forward menu comes from Lemongrass. Banh Mi, Tacos, Vermicelli Noodles, or Salad with you choice of lemongrass chicken, slow roasted pork or tofu. Give yourself a bubble tea and you got the whole truck in your hands.

Find the Lemongrass Truck @LemongrassTruck | Hang with Lemongrass on their website

Orange Cow

ice cream trucks washington dc
In desperate need of an ice cream treat? Check out Orange Cow for some rich, homemade, frozen goodness. With colder weather coming around, warm toppings will be offered so you can still enjoy without the shiver!

Find the Orange Cow Food Truck @orangecowdc | Hang with Orange Cow on Facebook

Curbside Cupcakes

curbside cupcakes washington dc
If ice cream is too cold for you but you still want something sweet, try cupcake flavors such as: red velvet, 
chocolate delight
, carrot cake
, tequila sunrise
, german chocolate
, dulce de leche
 or banana chocolate chip! Way too good!

Find the Curbside Cupcakes Truck @curbsidecupcake | Hang with Curbside Cupcakes on Facebook