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DJ Scene: Fri 7/15/11 [Pop at Ultrabar]

DJ Scene: Fri 7/15/11 [Pop at Ultrabar]

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Post Date: June 06, 2011

Pop Nightlife DC presents:

DJ Scene
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Opening Set by DJ Geometrix

Friday July 15, 2011
Ultrabar Nightclub
911 F St NW
Washington D.C., DC 20004
(202) 638-4663

Doors Open at 9pm | Ages 18+

{tab=DJ Scene}

Remixes by DJ Scene

Arguably the wildest DJ in DC nightlife when he’s in the capital, DJ Scene knows how to crush dance floors. He can spin any genre from top 40 to dubstep, classic rock to soul and if he felt like it, he could probably mix in opera and have it sound official. Definitely a man of the people, you can find Scene getting buck in the booth and pouring shots from the decks. Definitely a DC nightlife favorite!

DJ Geometrix Original Production & Remixes by DJ Geometrix

Panorama Productions Resident DJ Geometrix is one of DC’s finest. Not only does he hold weekly spots at Pop @ Ultrabar and the hip-hop room at Glow @ Fur; he is also a co-director of the B2R (Back to Rock) Music School’s Beat Refinery in Herndon, VA.
{tab=The Vault (House)}
You Are The S&M (DBK REBOOT) by DBK
Dirty House Mix by DBK

Ultrabar Nightclub in Washington DC was once a bank, and this is The Vault! In addition to a bar and dance floor, the Vault features a hall lined with couches, sunken chairs and intimate escapes in case you meet the love of your life on a Friday night!
{tab=The Bedroom (Latin)}
DJ Suelto – Reggaeton Quick Mix May 2011 by DJ SUELTO
BACHATA mix (04.19.10) by DJ SUELTO

DJ Suelto spins every Tuesday at Lima, Wednesday at Barcode and Friday at Ultrabar!


Mario Salsa feeling the rhythm in the Bedroom at Ultrabar DC

With Mario Salsa on the congas, DJs Suelto and Bomba bring the hype every Friday to The Bedroom at Ultrabar for Pop’s Latin/International party. Whether its bang-out reggaeton or couples moving to the smooth rhythms of salsa and bachata, The Bedroom at Ultrabar Nightclub in Washington DC is a huge weekly draw!
{tab=Chroma (VIP)}

DJ Lion L spins the best of Top 40, House and Hip-Hop on Ultrabar's VIP floor!


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