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Landmines, Grenades and 5 more Explosive Situations

Landmines, Grenades and 5 more Explosive Situations

There’s nothing worse than having a situation blow up in your face. Just ask Pauly D, who arrives at Club Glow this week on Saturday 1/29/11 for round 2 of the DC-Guido invasion!

The male versions of #6 Nukes and #1 Landmines

With all the talk the last couple years about landmines and grenades, we thought, hey, there are lot more explosive situations out there…. We know from experience. And ladies, we know that there are two sides to every coin. The last thing you want to do is get wasted and end up with one of these guys…

Here’s your guide

#1 Landmines

Nice and skinny from far away. But when you get too close, KABOOM!

#2 Grenades

If this one doesnt see action, no one will. Someone has to fall on the grenade.

#3 Roman Candles

Awesome when you're wasted. When you're sober? Not so much.

#4 Pop Rocks & Soda

Sparkly on the outside and probably tastes great. But you've heard 1 too many stories.

#5 Dynamite Sticks

Like grenades, except instead of drawing straws to see who takes one for the team, you just throw it and run.

#6 Nukes

Fat, ugly, loud, annoying and a major cock block.

#7 Torpedoes

Any of the aforementioned situations approaching fast, with you in their sights. Requires extreme evasive maneuvers.

Check out Pauly D at Club Glow this week on Saturday 1/29/11. Glow happens every Saturday at Fur Nightclub with 3 rooms (4 in the summer) full of Latin, hip-hop, techno and the world’s best house DJs. Glow goes down every Thursday at Lima Lounge, voted Best New Club worldwide by Armin van Buuren.