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10 Things You Don’t Do at the Gym

10 Things You Don’t Do at the Gym

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Post Date: February 02, 2013

Top 10 Ridiculous Things People Do At The Gym

1. Fashion Show Fitnessgymgirl
Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, coming to the gym with your hair nice and curled, full makeup done clearly more focused on finding a man than finding the best workout routine.

2. Unconventional Gym Attire
From guys wearing their Ralph Lauren Polos to ladies in long flowy skirts with leggings under it, how can that be comfortable to sweat in..?

3. Talent Show Studs
Every gym has these, the guys trotting around thinking they’re mad cool singing Eminem’s Drop The World to feel like a real bad boy while they lift trying to look like they put in no effort and the self-motivating talkers are the worst, no one is listening so why are you talking, they might take you to the psych ward if you don’t stop!

4. Grunters
Okay, so some exercises may require more effort and have you struggling a bit, but do you need to grunt loud enough for the people in Zumba class down the hall to hear you?

selfabsorbed5. The Self-Absorbed Love Makers
You know those guys always staring in the mirror while caressing their muscles, its almost uncomfortable walking in front of them to grab some weights; don’t want to interrupt the intimate moment. But seriously guys, can you save the flexing for your own home, it’s a little weird.

6. No Effort Nelly
I don’t understand the people who show up just to sit on a bike barely pedaling while reading a magazine and doing homework or the ones walking a whopping 3MPH on the treadmill, why bother?

7. Nosy Busy Bodies
There are few feelings more uncomfortable than to have someone staring at you at the gym to see what speed, resistance or how much weight you’re lifting, mind your business!

8. Dropping Weights
It’s simple, if you aren’t strong enough to gently place your weights on the ground, do a lower weight, I don’t want to hear your weights slamming from the floor below you and wonder if there is an earthquake.

noeffort9. Machine Hogs
If you’re just sitting around listening to music or talking on the phone with an occasional set of exercises, get off, there are some people who want to do real work!

10. Lazy Lifters
This is probably everyone’s biggest pet peeve, not racking weights when you’re done, its common courtesy people!