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5Ks Worth Running For

5Ks Worth Running For

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Post Date: February 02, 2013

Get off the couch people!

Those New Year’s resolutions aren’t going to solve themselves. Here are 5 awesome runs that can help you get started on your summer bod.

1. Neon Splash Dash

Lace up your tennis shoes and get ready for a great night! That’s right this 5K takes place at night so you can glow in the dark! As you run through different  “Glow Zones” you get sprayed with a different color of their U.V. Glow Water. There is music playing the whole way and an After Glow Party with music, black lights and performers.

2. Cupid’s Undie Run

Hasn’t everyone always wanted to run around in their undies without being judged? Well at Cupid’s Undie Run you can! Get ready to strip down to your bedroom-best every Valentine’s weekend and raise money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation.

 3. The Color Run

This 5K has two simple rules: you must be in a white T-shirt at the starting line and you better look like the aftermath of Willy Wonka’s factory exploding by the finish line! At each kilometer the tons of volunteers and staff are waiting to hit you with a new color!

4. Marathon du Medoc

If you love wine then this run’s for you, if you can make the trip to France that is! This run is in the Medoc wine region near Bordeaux, France and takes runners through wine vineyards stopping at 23 drinking posts. There is also plenty of local foods at the stops as well including oysters, cheese and fruit, so come prepared with an empty stomach!

5. Warrior Dash

Daredevils this is for you! Get ready to get a little dirty at this 5K. There are 12 challenging obstacles at this race including jumping over fire, climbing 12-foot rope walls and crawling through many other muddy obstacles.Ladies, leave the fake nails and weaves at home, this is the Warrior Dash.. not the Princess Trot.