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A Woman’s Take on Guys Graphic Tees

A Woman’s Take on Guys Graphic Tees

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Post Date: June 06, 2012

No lady wants to be seen with a badly dressed guy

Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

cool graphic tees for the clubDressing well at the club is just as important for the dudes as it is for the ladies. I promise, I’m a lady myself. Chicks like a fresh dude who can pull off trends because let’s face it, if she looks too good, it’ll make you look bad.

Dressing nice eliminates one flaw and may distract from your many others.

Button downs are annoying and make you sweat. Try a tee! They’re easy, simple, and fresh.

The best part about being a dude, I would imagine, are:

  • the little time it takes you to get ready
  • you’re not worried about how your clothes hug your curves
  • you don’t need to worry about showing off your ASSets

Unless of course you’re into that stuff, in which case may the skinny jean force be with you, I suppose.

Tips to Pulling Off a Graphic Tee

  1. Pair your tee with a nice pair of slim fitting jeans. We like to stay away from baggy farmer jeans since it’s 2012 and all.
  2. If you wear a light color on top try to pair it with a dark color on the bottom.
  3. Rocking a white graphic tee? Pair it with a pair of dark jeans. And vice versa.
  4. The one exception is the “dark on dark”. You can wear dark bottoms with a dark top. It’s simple and understated, exactly why the ladies always rock the LBD (little black dress) with black accessories.
  5. Do not try to reverse this and wear all white.
  6. Update your look with corduroys instead of jeans. They have the same fit, but add a little interest with the texture. Texture leads to swag. Swag leads to lady friends.
  7. For the nights when a t-shirt and jeans is too casual but you’d hate to leave your comfortable tee at home, fear not! Dress up your graphic tee with the help of a blazer or cardigan.These instantly add a dressy and cool component to any outfit. I mean, the blazer does derive from the suit, the dressiest and swaggiest outfit of all. And the cardigan just kills it.

Since graphic tees can say so much with so little, it is important to not over-complicate your outfit. Sometimes it’s important to let your gear speak for itself.

Singer22 has some dope graphic tees by Chaser.
Urban Outfitters has the ultimate selection of “cool guy” tees and tanks
Check out Vinny Chase and Axwell up top, rocking the Jacks & Jokers gear.

I believe every outfit yields a thousand judgements, just as a picture is worth a thousand words. So let every judgement about your outfit be one simple word: swag.

Above all else, your graphic tee says something about you: “I’m here, got mah beer and I don’t even have to try. #NaturalSwag”