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America’s Weirdest Holidays, January – March

America’s Weirdest Holidays, January – March

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Post Date: January 01, 2013

We’re far more than the greatest country in the world…
We’re also the greatest civilization that ever existed.

That’s why we have so much to celebrate!

So how does one go about creating a national holiday? Well, it takes a lot of work and literally an act of Congress. First you have to create a proposal and contact your local congress person. You have to get it onto the congressional agenda. Next you have to be patient. It takes a while.

That’s it. You can find your local representative by searching the US House of Representatives database.

There are a bunch of ‘fake’ national holidays that have been created and copyrighted for advertising purposes. But the list below are real from what we can tell.

03 Fruitcake Toss Day
08 Bubble Bath Day
Nothing beats sitting in a tub of your own filth, except sitting in a tub of your filth mixed with bubbles. The girl is a bonus.
sexy bubble bath chick
09 Play God Day
Not enough people play God these days.
11 Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day
12 Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
[Insert wise-ass comment here]
14 Dress Up Your Pet Day
Or in the case of Long Island, Westchester, OC, LA and North Jersey housewives, and girls who go to school at Syracuse or UMD… Thursday.
dogs in clothes
19 National Popcorn Day
23 Measure Your Feet Day
Confucius say: Man who put foot in mouth get athlete’s tongue.
tape measure
25 Opposite Day
Yup, there really is a legit opposite day.
27 Chocolate Cake Day

28 National Kazoo Day
We’ll show you a kazoo 😉


02 Ground Hog Day
No offense, but how did this become a legitimate holiday?
11 White T-Shirt Day
Or in the case of 2003 drug dealers… Tuesday.
thugs white tees
12 Plum Pudding Day
13 Get a Different Name Day
Especially if you’ve just committed a crime.
18 National Battery Day
In Philly, they celebrate this multiple times during baseball season.
20 Cherry Pie Day
20 Hoodie Hoo Day
LOL really?
22 Be Humble Day
jimmy marmaras
28 National Tooth Fairy Day (also August 22)
Also can be celebrated on Mother’s Day or Father’s day BECAUSE THE TOOTH FAIRY DOES NOT EXIST.

01 Employee Appreciation Day first Friday in March
The other 364 days/year are “Take advantage of the help Day”
01 National Pig Day
05 Multiple Personality Day
06 Dentist’s Day
It’s always nice to have a good dentist.
nitrous oxide at the dentist
08 Be Nasty Day
britney speaks upskirt
11 Worship of Tools Day
16 Everything You Do is Right Day
Or for guy’s having conversations with their girlfriends… everyday.
20 Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
Yup… March 20th is the day we celebrate those who have been kidnapped by aliens wtf
25 Waffle Day
This might be the best one.
26 Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Someone paid their congress person a lot of money.
28 Something on a Stick Day
thong on a branch

Stay tuned for April – June