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Best and Worst Pick Up Lines

Best and Worst Pick Up Lines

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Post Date: March 03, 2013

Best and Worst Pick-Up Lines…Ever


Some girls laugh to your face, others slap you in the face. Either way, guys, Forest Gump would agree that pick-up lines are like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get. Lucky for you, this list gives you the dos and don’ts to revamp your game.




“You know what material this is? (grab your shirt)…Boyfriend material.” As cheesy as this may sound at first, it will undoubtedly make any girl laugh, and laughing is always a good start.


“Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.” It’s a nice touch.


“If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.”


“You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.” This one is a keeper.


“Me without you is like a nerd without braces, a shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces.” Granted, this is somewhat age-specific, but still endearing.


“If you had a like button, I’d press it.” Be careful with this one, it could go either way.facebook-like-button-oven-mitt


“Hello, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.”


“How was heaven when you left it?” As every girl has heard this before, a nice smile and some charm can actually make this work.


“Your lips look so lonely, would they like to meet mine?” Again, use responsibly.


“Baby, you’re so sweet, you put Hershey’s out of business.”





“I don’t pull out, but my couch does.” This is a guaranteed punch in the balls.


“Behind every pair of double Ds is a heart of Gold.” Ridiculously insulting. Don’t try it.


“I wish you were my knee so I could bang you on the table.” You don’t deserve to be in public if you think this is acceptable.


“Did you fart? Because you blew me away.” Come on….

“I know a fun activity that can burn 500 calories an hour.” Facts are fun, but this is lame.


“Want to see my Hard Drive? I promise it’s not small or floppy.”


“You’re hotter than a Bunsen Burner set to full power.” Chemistry pick-up lines are a no-no.


“I lost my virginity. Can I have yours?”


“Girl, you’re so fine, I bet you have more followers than Lady Gaga.”


“Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you? Just kidding.” Awesome! You’re one step closer to a restraining order.


“If I was your co-worker, I’d sexually harass you.”


“If you were an animal, you’d be a bear. So you could bear my children.” Insanely creepy.awesome-bear-girl-head



So guys, next time you think it’s appropriate to approach a girl with a new pick-up line, think first! While some work wonders, others are beyond offensive and should never be thought, let alone used. Do your homework, and keep in mind that a simple “Hi” works, too.