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Buy 2018’s Hottest Premium Items For EDM And Tech Culture Fanatics!

Buy 2018’s Hottest Premium Items For EDM And Tech Culture Fanatics!

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Post Date: January 01, 2018

As per usual, 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show kicks off 2018 for the Consumer Technology Association in a most innovative manner. Given that the event is held in the EDM hot-spot of Las Vegas, and that the same number of people who attend one day of the city’s Electronic Daisy Carnival attend the event in full, there’s probably some intersection between the two industries. Thus, it’s probably a good time to consider what are the hottest and most fabulous premium electronic products to aid our EDM listening and viewing experiences. From $100-$1,000, and from super-engaged to those with a bare minimum of tech awareness, we’ve got something for every price point and person possible!



Fifteen years later and SONOS, via their latest SONOS ONE speaker launch, has seamlessly blended Silicon Valley technology with premium sonic delivery. What’s lovely about SONOS is not just that they have finally integrated their speaker with Amazon’s Alexa voice control. Instead, it’s that the brand has reached a point with their ability to synthesize sound to such high quality across multiple platforms that they are now able to integrate premium sound with next level technological advancement. SONOS can simultaneously incorporate with streaming radio stations, audio players, and more. Plus, if you outfit your entire house with the player, it allows for hearing high-quality audio throughout a home where the speakers are all aligned on the same online network. An audiophile’s dream come true now exceeding expectations? Where can we sign up?!?!



From the gym to the office, and from the fast-casual dinner spot to our front doors, we all lead incredibly active lives these days. Plus, we also love listening to music, too. Therefore, leading audio brand Bose’s latest Bluetooth-aided, and wireless stereo headphones are a must-have item for your favorite sound aficionado. Bose notes that “they’re engineered to stay in place and stay comfortable. We packed them full of technologies so you can push your workout to the next level.” Whether pushing for that sixth mile on the treadmill, actively moving about the office, navigating the concrete jungle of your downtown locale, or heck, doing all three in the same day, these buds are up to the task of soundtracking all facets of your day.


Whether you’re a college student looking for something light and transportable to get you through the semester or an aspiring electro producer, the MacBook Air is a solid investment for the person on the go with lots needing to get accomplished as soon as possible. Inexpensive as compared to the larger Macbook Pro or the iMac desktop operating suite, it’s a winner. Twelve hours of battery life between charges? Just under three pounds in weight? Wow! What are you waiting for?


In Amazon’s never-ending quest to be anywhere and everywhere you want and need to be, their re-designed Echo device does the following.

  • plays songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more.
  • play audiobooks, radio stations, news briefs, and more.
  • can call or message almost anyone, and instantly connect via voice, like an intercom system, to other Echo devices on the same network.
  • speakers are equipped with Dolby processing for crisper vocals, dynamic bass response, and can fill a room with warm sonic quality.
  • Alexa can check your calendar of events, the weather, traffic, and sports scores anywhere.
  • Alexa can also manage your to-do and shopping lists, plus control smart lights, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more.
  • Alexa’s recent updates allow for the device to control televisions, request Uber service, and order food delivery.



So, yeah. LG’s latest version of their OLED television rolls up like wallpaper. That’s insane, right? But, if you’re looking for a TV that does a little less, but is still quite impressive, the 2016 and 2017 4K OLED TVs are still Amazon Alexa and app-equipped, plus promising stunning contrast and intense color presentations. The OLED TV does not require a backlight giving it deep black colors, and making it extremely thin…yes, thin enough that the 2018 model reaches a new level of technological advancement never before seen.



We know that if you’re a fan of the visual intensity of an Echostage production that you’re probably the kind of person who would enjoy hyper-stimulated extra-sensory experiences of all varieties. Therefore, we’re suggesting the popular Oculus Rift and Touch gaming technology. Facebook intriguingly owns Oculus, and in just over five years, emerged as the leader in PC-based virtual reality gaming. 1080HD visuals delivered with 3D audio, plus natural gestures and finger movement in VR video games? Yes, it’s all possible. For when you need a bit of the intensity of Armin’s light show to blend with your XBox habit, we’ve got you covered.