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Celebrities Who Should and Shouldn’t Take Their Clothes Off…

Celebrities Who Should and Shouldn’t Take Their Clothes Off…

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Post Date: October 10, 2011

The Rack

The Best and Worst of Celebrity Fashion Lines

Celebrity clothing lines are a dime a dozen nowadays, with their celebrity names to push them onto the public’s radar it seems like they should all be successful.  But just like actor’s trying to become rock stars, some should have stuck with their day jobs.  Anyone catch the latest Bacon Brother’s (Kevin Bacon’s band) concert?  Didn’t think so.  However, for the hundreds of failing lines, there are some that have become major players in the fashion world.  Here are some of the best and the worst.


L.A.M.B. -Gwen Stefani

L.A.M.B (love, angel, music, baby) fashion line by Gwen Stefani, the lead vocalist of the rock band No Doubt. Stefani created the fashion line back in 2003, originally as collaboration with LeSportsac. When it initially debuted at Nordstrom, the line sold out in three days and Nordstrom calls it the most successful launching of a line in the store’s history. The higher prices of Stefani’s designer label have never seemed to deter her fans.

Where to buy: Nordstrom

Price: Fairly expensive ($70-$300)

House of Harlow & Winter Kate– Nicole Richie

With a glamorous father like Lionel Richie, it’s no wonder that adopted daughter Nicole cultivated her artistic side with a career in fashion. Despite a rocky entry into the celebrity spotlight following her appearance alongside Paris Hilton in The Simple Life — in addition to public struggles with drug abuse and DUI arrests — the starlet has been able to repair her reputation and build a successful fashion empire.

In 2008, Richie launched her boho-chic jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, which has grown to include sunglasses and shoes. In 2008, Richie added a ready-to-wear collection called Winter Kate, which includes footwear, jewelry, eyewear and handbags.

Where to buy: Neiman Marcus

Price: Expensive ($70-$400)

Madonna- Material Girl

When you think of Material Girl you usually think of Madonna’s smash hit song from 1985. But Madge also has her clothing line, by the same name that she launched with her daughter Lourdes. The clothes mainly appeal to juniors.  But, with Kelly Osbourne, daughter of The Prince of Darkness and now celebrity host on E! Entertainment’s “Fashion Police” as the face of the line’s new campaign, the line is gaining more popularity.

Where to buy: Macy’s

Price: Cheap ($15-$100)

Jessica Simpson

She certainly didn’t make it as a singer in recent years, and the thought that she ever dated John Mayer is a maor fail in and of itself, but Jessica Simpson reigns supreme in the fashion world. Her empire is projected to make history this year, by becoming the first ever celebrity fashion line to earn one billion dollars in annual sales.

The singer-turned fashion designer’s clothing line raked in an astonishing $750 million dollars in sales last year, making it the top selling celebrity clothing empire. The Texas native launched her Jessica Simpson Collection in 2007 with a line of handbags, shoes and boots. She has since expanded it to include watches, clothing, cosmetics, luggage, bathing suits, and fragrances, which are all sold in major department stores across America.

Where to buy:

Price: Moderate ($50-$150)

Kardashian Kollection

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are already successful reality television stars and spokesmodels and now the sisters are expanding their foray into fashion with a line of affordable clothing for Sears. Launching this month, the Kardashian “Kollection” has something for women of every shape and size. The sisters say there is something in the “Kollection” for every woman’s style whether it is glamorous, classic, bohemian or rocker chic. The line includes over 40 apparel pieces, 60 jewelry items, 30 handbags and 12 shoe styles, all under 150 bucks!

Where to buy: Sears

Price: Moderate (all under $150)


Lindsay Lohan-6126

It’s no surprise that Lindsay’s fashion line is a big fail.  The starlet is more famous for her struggles with drugs, alcohol, and lesbians than her acting career.  Her line is basically leggings and…yeah that’s about it.  She quotes Marilyn Monroe on her website and says that she inspired the line.  The only thing the two have in common is an inevitable death at an early age.

Where to buy:

Price:  Moderate ($50-$150)

Heidi Montag- Heidiwood for Anchor Blue

Heidiwood is basically a casual clothing line by Anchor Blue with Montag’s name slapped on the label. It would not be a surprise if Montag was contacted by the company to go up as a direct rival against Lauren Conrad’s clothing line.  What a great marketing strategy- to capitalize on the feud between Lauren and Heidi. To no surprise, her douche bag, invisi-beard husband Spencer was up her butt following her around at the premiere of the line at Kitson’s in Hollywood.


Where to buy: Kitson (

Price: Very Cheap ($10-$60)

Sarah Jessica Parker- BITTEN

Sarah Jessica Parker’s budget line Bitten, which was sold exclusively at the now bankrupt Steve & Barry’s, is likely to become a distant memory for the popular Sex in the City actress.  Poor Carrie Bradshaw would be crying in her Minolo’s over this fail. However, there be better fashion days on the horizon now that she has signed on as a fashion designer for Halston. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Sarah Jessica Parker will become president and chief creative officer of Halston Heritage, a line inspired by vintage Halston looks.

Where to buy: No longer available, but you can find items for sale on Ebay or Amazon

Price: Very Cheap ($10-$60)

Avril Lavigne- Abbey Dawn

Avril broke onto the scene as a young, skater girl teen in 2002 with a punk rock attitude and a fashion sense to go along with it.  Now in 2011, as a 26-year-old woman, her fashion sense remained somewhere in 2002 at the skate park. If you like skulls, glitter, and graffiti, then Abby Dawn is where you’ll want to shop. Now Avril and her boyfriend Brody Jenner can skate off into the sunset together with matching hoodies.

Where to buy:

Price: Cheap ($20-$60)

Beyonce- House of Dereon

House of Dereon pays homage to “Deréon”, Beyonce’s maternal grandmother and that is the only nice thing to say about the collection.  Many people think Beyonce can do no wrong. Well, she did. House of Dereon is just ugly. Every piece has too much going on; too many buttons, ties, and logos.  Beyonce says it’s “where catwalk meets sidewalk.” Maybe the “sidewalk” at the bad side of town, because frankly, its just ghetto. But Beyonce just won’t go away, and now with her new baby on the way, it looks like we are in for a long lifetime of annoying booty popping Beyonce spawns.

Where to buy:

Price: Moderate ($50-$200)

It’s too bad “Malibu Dave” by David Hasslehoff never took off!