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Club Etiquette for the Ladies

Club Etiquette for the Ladies

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Post Date: April 04, 2013

It doesn’t matter how hot your outfit is or who you know at the door…if your grand entrance involves a face plant because you’ve had one too many on the ride over, maybe it’s time for a brush-up on your club etiquette. We’ve all seen her, so don’t be “that girl.”

coco-dressSometimes short is just too short. Ladies, revealing your all in a club is not sexy. In fact, it is just the opposite. We can all agree that if you got it, flaunt it, but you’re more likely to attract good (non-rape) attention if you leave a little to the imagination.

What’s with the shirts? Those white jeans go so well with the “I F**** on the first date” T-shirt. It does nothing good for you to wear that in public.

Pushing like you own the place. Clubs get crowded, go figure. Pushing and shoving people who are in your way is just mean. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you’re most likely in someone’s way, too. No one is above the crowd, so leave the prima donna attitude at home.thumb-530x274-design-photo2686-1263

Public Displays of…what you should be doing in a bedroom. We get it: you look good, he looks good, the music is good. What isn’t good, however, is crossing the line and forgetting that you’re in a public place. It’s dark, but it’s not that dark.

Starting a Fight. It’s much easier to leave the room or the situation than show off your mad fighting skills that will result in getting escorted out by security or cops. Your outfit probably wasn’t made for chic fights, so the chance of something popping out that shouldn’t is high.

Nicole+Polizzi+Snooki+Falls+Down+Leaving+Eleven+MM9rYI9SYWvlCan’t shuffle in those shoes, baby. If you can’t walk in them, you don’t look good stumbling in them. A 6-inch heel looks good only when you can pull it off, and that includes dancing. Pick your shoes wisely.

Be an independent woman. You only came to the club with $20? Don’t go around asking guys to buy you a drink if you have no intention of speaking to them. First, it’s rude to use anyone for gain, and second, if you’re classy, you should wait for the guy to offer a drink. Good things come to those who wait.

Refuse politely. There is always a creeper who wants to dance, and while sometimes you have to bring your inner bitch out to tell him no, most of the time, a polite refusal will keep you in the clear.

girls night out dancing

Handle your liquor. Time and time again, we have seen girls get ridiculously hammered to the point where they can’t walk or talk. Falling down steps or falling down anywhere is not attractive and it makes you look like “that girl.” This also goes for crying and boyfriend drama while intoxicated. If you’re breaking up with him in a club AND you’re drunk, he can’t hear you or understand you. Drink responsibly, it’s on every bottle everywhere…made for situations just like these.