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Crowded Room Application Creeps Into the Social Media World

Crowded Room Application Creeps Into the Social Media World

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Post Date: November 11, 2011

Application Allows Users to Plan a Hypothetical Life

Hello Stranger, Let’s Pretend to Maybe Meet Somewhere, Sometime, or Not?

With all the social media exploding in everyone’s face, it’s hard to imagine another medium this internet obsessed generation will be forced to keep up with- but there is. Crowded Room, made by the same tech conglomerate that owns and Ok Cupid- two very successful companies in the “love” market creeped in the mix.

Basically, the new phone application, which was revealed this week combines Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, by pulling from all recent check-ins and likes to compile lists of places you may like to go, and may go.

You might go to twenty different places on any given night, or nowhere at all. What worth is there in putting up some list of hypotheticals? Does Crowded Room really think we’ve come to the point where we need some sort of social network Venn diagram to make a group plan?

Mike Kestenbaum, Crowded Room’s CEO, says Crowded Room integrates with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, and users are “strongly encouraged” to use those services to blast out their check-ins, but reaching people in one’s existing networks is somewhat beside the point. “We never intended it to be an app to communicate with your existing friend group,” says Kestenbaum. “There are a lot of apps that do a pretty good job of that.”

And here comes the creepy part, after a user compiles a list of possible places they may go at some point, random people with similar hypothetical plans will be able to see you.  Perhaps you could hypothetically message them, and then what—go out on a date because you were thinking about maybe sometime maybe going to the same restaurant? Chances are if you frequent the same places you already know each other.

So maybe you’d meet your hypothetical future husband, wife, or new best friend and what a budding success story that would be since the basis for your relationship sprung with the desire to eat at the same Pho Restaurant.  What? Doesn’t the world have enough useless applications?