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DC Going Out Guide Part 3: Clubbing Essentials

DC Going Out Guide Part 3: Clubbing Essentials

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Post Date: January 01, 2012

DC Going Out Guide Part 3:  Clubbing Essentials

Never know what you should or shouldn’t bring with you for a night out in Washington DC? Follow the clubbing essentials guide so the next time you are stuck at the velvet ropes getting your purse checked or your pants frisked you won’t be rejected at the door, stuck with an illegitimate child, or caught in the haze of a garlic breath assassination.


Bring Cash to the ClubCash

It’s always essential to have cash on hand. You may want to ditch your ride and cab home. Stay over with your one- night-stand. Or tip your bartender. You never know when the ATM could be broken and you could be stranded.


All DC nightlife is going to require a valid government issued ID, no matter how old you are.  Even though there are many under 21 nightclubs in DC, you will still need your ID!

Ultrabar PassClub Passes

Many venues offer discounted passes and promotions on entry specials or even drink specials. So check the venues website before you head out and have your passes ready.

Positive Club AttitudeA positive attitude

This seems simple, but nobody wants to be around the Debbie Downer in the group. Bad attitudes foster tension between the venues staff and other guests.  Luckily your options of clubbing DC are vast enough to make everyone happy.

clubbing condomCondoms

Take precautions! Nothing like waking up next to Chubaka then popping out his spawn 9 months later. Watch an episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” to scare you into packing the wrapper.

Clubbing Bad BreathBreath strips

Some venues don’t allow gum.  However, bad breath is a deal breaker. It seeps into every inch of the venue offending everyone from the doorman to the bartender, and your one-night-stand.


Should Not

Weapons in nightclubWeapons

Leave your guns, tasers, and shanks at home. It’s not fight club, it’s a nightclub!

Flask at nightclubSecret Alcohol Stash

Airplane bottles of booze will never get past security.  What’s worse, that flask in your pocket makes you look like a cheap alcoholic in which case you won’t be needing that condom after all.

Illegal Substances nightclubsIllegal Substances

Anything that makes your pupils dilate, should be left with the cartel.


No Smoking nightclubsIn 2006 comprehensive smoke-free laws went into effect in the District, banning smoking from restaurants, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. Some venues with outdoor patios allow smoking but nobody likes kissing an ashtray.

Barcode DC FoodFood

Don’t be the chic in the bathroom wolfing down an old grilled cheese. It’s not kindergarten, no need to pack snacks. DC offers many options for late night eats.

Glow SticksGlow Sticks

Some venues provide glow sticks and some ban them all together.  It’s a safer bet to leave the glow sticks at home for the next warehouse rave.