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DECADES presents…The Top 20 Club-Crushing Dance Songs Of The 1990s

DECADES presents…The Top 20 Club-Crushing Dance Songs Of The 1990s

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Post Date: January 01, 2017

At our club Decades, we have a VERY soft spot in our heart for the unique throwback vibes on all three of our floors. However, if you really stop and think about it, there may be nothing more special than the retro vibes sparked by hearing dance songs from the 1990s. In one ten-year period, dance music exploded worldwide (again). However, aside from disco and electro, it was disco, electro, house, techno, hip-house, Hi-NRG, happy hardcore, Eurodance, trance, and so many more genres that gained in popularity. Therefore, in one 20 song list, you’re likely to find as many underground club smashes as tracks that can bring arenas and stadiums to their feet to this day. Now, imagine coming to one floor of a nightclub and experiencing ALL of that energy (and more), as if time were standing still. We’ll see you soon!


20. Black Box – Everybody Everybody (1990) (PURCHASE)
19. Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love (1994) (PURCHASE)
18. Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Armand van Helden Remix) (1996) (PURCHASE)
17. Captain Hollywood Project – More And More (1992) (PURCHASE)
16. Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Club Mix) (1998) (PURCHASE)
15. Bucketheads – The Bomb (1995) (PURCHASE)
14. Ultra Nate – Free (1997) (PURCHASE)
13. Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (1990) (PURCHASE)
12. Madonna – Ray of Light (1998) (PURCHASE)
11. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (1991) (PURCHASE)

10. Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman (1992) (PURCHASE)

1978 disco queen Chaka Khan sang the original version of this female empowerment, but it’s Whitney Houston’s version of it that can be found on the soundtrack of her film The Bodyguard which became one of our most beloved dance songs of the 1990s

9. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (1998) (PURCHASE)

Before he was one-half of Daft Punk, French producer Thomas Bangalter crafted a seductive worldwide hit single with this massive and iconic house hit.

8. Faithless – Insomnia (1996) (PURCHASE)

DJ and producer-wise, this UK smash is in-arguably one of the most influential dance songs of all time. A number one hit in both Europe and America, it’s a worldwide hit that was re-released 20 years later as remixed by none other than Avicii.

7. C & C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (1991) (PURCHASE)

Rapper Freedom Williams and vocalist Martha Wash combine two eras and styles of dance music mastery on Robert Civiles and David Cole’s (the C & C in C & C Music Factory) freestyle, house, and hip-hop fusion pop platinum seller.

6. La Bouche – Be My Lover (1995) (PURCHASE)

German Eurodance pop hit “Be My Lover” is so deeply connected to the 1990s and dance music culture that it has been featured in everything from films like A Night At The Roxbury and Romy and Michelle’s High School Wedding to Saturday morning programs like Bill Nye The Science Guy and more.

5 (tie). Haddaway – What Is Love? (1993) (PURCHASE)

Speaking of A Night At The Roxbury, the film’s ultimate success is based around the use of Haddaway’s single to key Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan’s incessant headbobbing and body-thrusting “mating dance” of sorts. In fact, if you were to walk up to pretty much anyone who is old enough to remember the sketch and the movie, it actually triggers memories of the entire Eurodance-as-American pop era of music.

5 (tie). Snap – The Power (1990) (PURCHASE)

America’s hip-house movement was just under five years old when German-based duo Snap took American rapper Chill Rob G’s original version of this track and gave it a nitro-powered boost to the top of the global dance charts. Pair this one back-to-back with Snap’s other huge hit “Rhythm is a Dancer” and it’s an epic one-two punch of epic 90s excitement.

4. Deborah Cox – Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Remix) (1999) (PURCHASE)

Soulful house, rhythm and blues and masterful remixing converged when Canadian pop vocalist Deborah Cox’s end of the 90s crossover surprise chart-topper was remixed to great success by Hex Hector.

3. Madonna – Vogue (1990) (PURCHASE)

It’s an ultimate showcase of what makes Madonna the star that she is that she was able to mix New York City’s underground dance culture with pop songwriting and create a song that not only topped the charts on the dancefloors, but on the radio, too.

2. Los Del Rio – Macarena (1996) (PURCHASE)

There’s the “Electric Slide,” the “Cupid Shuffle,” and the “Cha Cha Slide.” However, none of those songs have had the massive pop success and longevity of Spanish duo Los Del Rio’s catch smash “Macarena.” How a song about a seductive woman who *really* loves to dance is one of the most identifiable songs of 90s dance is anyone’s best guess, but is unequivocally is.

1. Cher – Believe (1999) (PURCHASE)

Cher. Yes, no matter what you think about music or entertainment in general, you definitely have an opinion. Cher singing an entire dance song in auto-tune? If it were probably any other iconic vocalist, it’s a horrible idea. But there’s something about Cher, maybe in her mix of fashion, cheese, and undeniable talent that just makes all of this come together. Some seven million singles sold and worldwide #1 success later, and it set the 90s standard for dance excellence.