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Did You Know You Can Smoke Alcohol?

Did You Know You Can Smoke Alcohol?

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Post Date: June 06, 2013

Sip, Sip, Pass?
You might be asking yourself, how can one possibly smoke alcohol?

You’d think college bros would stick to smoking pot, but in college nothing ever appears to be a bad idea. But this new trend that has hit college campuses across the states isn’t the smartest thing. Taking a bong rip of alcoholic vapor may sound pretty sweet, but it also gets you wasted dangerously fast.


There are two ways to smoke alcohol:
(but we’re not trying either of them)

  1. Pumping pressurized air into a partially filled plastic bottle. This is achieved by placing a cork in the top and using a pump with a metal needle. Do not do it.
  2. Pouring your favorite alcoholic drink over dry ice and then inhaling the vapor. But dry ice can f*** you up if you handle it improperly. So just don’t do it.

College kids are attracted to excitement and the thrill of doing something a little differently. This new fad allows you to get drunk faster and avoid those empty calories. Of course, college kids don’t realize the serious health risks at hand.

Smoking alcohol can be dangerous.

  • Inhaled vapor goes straight to your lungs – the alcohol enters your blood stream faster. It’s not filtered by your liver and goes straight to your brain.
  • This method of drinking can’t upset your stomach. Instead, you will likely pass out from being too intoxicated.

According to an ABC News article, Dr. Brett Roth, medical director of the North Texas Poison Center in Dallas “concedes there is no definitive data to explain how breathing alcohol vapor is bad for your health.” Except for the whole bypassing your liver and going straight to the brain, thing. But hey, whatever it takes to cut calories, right?