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Don’t Be That Guy

Don’t Be That Guy

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Post Date: December 12, 2012

At the Club:

The Creeper

Did you just buy a girl a drink and then follow her around for the rest of the night? Bro… don’t be that guy.

The Groper

Do you run around the club grabbing random girls’ asses? Come on man. Don’t be that guy. Eventually you’ll get your ass beat.

The Meathead

guidos in beaters at the club
Is it that hot in the club? Has your shirt come off and now you’re a tough guy in a wife beater? Don’t be that guy, man.

The Cheap Ass Dude

tip your bartender
Did you tip the bartender $0 last time around but now expect prompt service? F not being that guy. Just don’t do that sh*t.


1 girl lots of guys
Did you just bring your girlfriend to guy’s night out? Wow dude. Don’t be that guy. But mad props if your girlfriend is Betty White.

The Backdoor Bandit

creepy guy grinding on girl
Is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just a creep? Don’t be that guy

With the Ladies:


guy texting girl
Did you get a girl’s number last night? Are you about to call/text her the next day? Seriously. Don’t be that guy.

Honk & Holler

honk if you love weed
Did you just honk your horn at those random girls walking down the street? Honestly bro… don’t be that guy. All bets are off if they have a sign, though.

The Parking Lot Pimp

Are you too broke to go to the club so you stand in the parking lot and hit on drunk chicks as they leave? Don’t be that guy.

The Facebook Loser

Do you hit on girls you don’t know through Facebook messages? LOL. Do you start talking shit when they don’t respond? LLOOOOLLLL. Don’t be that guy.

We have a really great article on this coming soon 😉

At the Gym:

The Grunter

grunting lifting weights
Do you scream and grunt incredibly loud every time you push or pull a weight? Come on man. Don’t be that guy.

The Coach

know it all at the gym
Do you walk around giving random people workout tips? Once or twice/year, ok. Otherwise mind your own f***in business. Don’t be that guy.

The Narcissist

lex luger posing in mirror
Do you spend more time flexing in the mirror than you do working out? Don’t be that guy.

Guido Gym Rat

Did you spike your hair before coming to the gym? Don’t be that guy.

Homoerotic Gym Rat

Do you and your boy video tape each other and then compliment yourselves on your form? Cause 2 guys at the Georgetown Law School gym actually do that. Don’t be those guys.

Who? Me? I’m Hot?

For the ladies – Are you wearing yoga pants and trying to act like your ass doesn’t look like god’s gift to the earth? Don’t be that chick.

In General:

The One-Upper

Did you just one-up someone’s ‘last night was crazy’ story with an exaggerated version of something that happened 5 years ago? Get a life. Don’t be that guy.