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Hef’s Runaway Bride – It Can Happen to Anyone

Hef’s Runaway Bride – It Can Happen to Anyone

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Post Date: June 06, 2011


Source: BANG Showbiz

It’s Summer and everyone’s getting dumped like they’re going out of style. Hot weather and the summer life mean out with the old and in with the new; that’s exactly what it means for Hugh Hefner as well (although not by choice).

Five days before what was to be an extravagant wedding (at the Playboy Mansion), Crystal Harris called it off. Initially, TMZ broke the story that her and Hef had a nasty argument; the two-and-a-half years they dated were over and the life they were building together would come to a shattering end. Crystal was sure to set the record straight explaining to Ryan Seacrest: “It was mutual between Hef and I.” But was that really setting the record straight?

It seems obvious by now that the two didn’t have a massive fight, but in reality the breakup was not so mutual. While the (ex) couple has remained civil, Hefner can be seen venting his sadness on Twitter. His Tweet announcing the two would not be getting married was simply the statement: “The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.”

runaway bride

Halfway through the most recent run of Playboy a sticker was added "Runaway Bride in This Issue!"

But was it for everyone’s best interest or was the motive a bit more selfish? The breakup was not only just days before their wedding, but coincided with the release of Crystal’s new single “Club Queen.” It’s hard to ignore the obvious media attention she could expect surrounding the breakup. What do you think?

Since then, Hefner was mostly worried about their dog Charlie, who he seemed to genuinely miss. In a happy turn of events, and perhaps to highlight how amicably the breakup turned out, Crystal brought Charlie back.

The good news is Hugh can move on quickly, and who can blame him? He’s surrounded by beautiful women and “happy to be single.”

Make sure to get in style and hopefully you won’t be next.