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iPhones Want to Rage Too

iPhones Want to Rage Too

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Post Date: November 11, 2012

Finding the Hottest iPhone Cases
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

DC nightlife is all about style and being as trendy as you can be. With so many trends out there right now, you want to look unique and desirable.

The following information may sound off-topic and different from the usual outfit trends, but we ensure you we have a valid point.

We are an iPhone generation.
Everywhere you turn someone is either texting, emailing or Whatsapping on their phones.

best iphone cases
We’re not here to preach about the iPhone or encourage you to buy one, but if you are one of the ‘every single persons there is’ that has one, you should know all the ways to make yours the freshest.

How can your make people scream, “OMG! i love your iPhone case! Where did you get it?!”

Cases are the shit because

  1. they protect your phone from fatal cracks, scratches and shatters
  2. they just look awesome.

studded iphone casesYou may be asking where to find the best cases. However, there isn’t really one answer to that inquisition. It’s really up to you and your personal style.

Cases come in an infinite number of options and styles.

For he trendiest ones on the market check out Free People and its assortment of studded and printed cases, or Shop Bop and its endless supply of funk.

Perhaps you’re feeling different and are into the graphic shit that speaks volumes of your personality. Your place is Society 6. It may take you about seven hours to search all of their case options, but you are guaranteed to find one you love.

One last note: you should always look presentable and trendy when out and about in the club scene. But remember that your iPhone wants to rage too. Don’t disregard your technology. Instead outfit it in the fanciest, freshest garb you can find.

Rock out with your iPhone out!