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How Girls Get Rid of Annoying Guys

How Girls Get Rid of Annoying Guys

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Post Date: October 10, 2012

How girls get rid of annoying guys

if this happens to you, stop being so creepy
Contributing Writer: Lauren Liebler

1. Ignoring him

Most guys might not say it, but all they want is attention. Not just from the hottest girl they see, but from anything that wears a skirt. If they sense a girl wont give them any time, they’ll just keeping hopping around until they find someone who will.

Girls ignore guys by talking to other girls, talking to other guy or texting every one of their contacts… to make sure they don’t make eye contact.

2. Going to the bathroom

The easiest way girls leave a clinger behind is saying they need to pee. It’s a little TMI but the perfect way to make him step back and let her do her thing. If she really wants him gone, she’ll say she has to change her tampon. Gross, but effective.

3. Getting a nearby guy and saying he’s her boyfriend

This tactic has been used for centuries: grabbing the hottest guy nearby and playing the damsel in distress game while giving him the idea that there’s a chance she wants to explain later over a drink.

Girls love this because its an easy way to meet guys. This makes the annoying guy intimidated, but if he catches on, see #1.

4. Playing the taken card

No hot guys around to save you? In that case girls just say they have a boyfriend or husband. Whether they really do or not, this card can drive off 50% of annoying guys, the other 50% might stick around and annoyingly ask her to cheat on him.


5. Giving the lesbian shoulder

Seems like lesbians are springing up everywhere lately. When an annoying guy approaches, two girlfriends agree to play the role of loving lesbians. They only talk to each other, drink from each others glasses and look at the guy like he’s an alien.

6. Speaking another language

Nothing is more frustrating to a guy than a girl who doesn’t speak English. Girls who know other languages can whip it out during this social emergency without feeling like an asshole.  Extra points go to girls who speak something other than Spanish or French.

7. Using the classic Jenna Marbles Face

This is the ultimate way girls can get rid of annoying guys. Most girls don’t know about this unadvertised secret. It is 100% effective and will guarantee that anyone will walk away. Use it quickly and wisely.