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How to be Fake

How to be Fake

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Post Date: January 01, 2013

Fake it Til Ya Make It
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz • @getWITZit

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be someone you’re not? You can admit it. I’d love nothing more than to be a Kardashian. There are so many ways to go about being fake. But fakeness is not the goal here. Confused? Keep reading.
all the kardashian girls

To ‘make it’ you must do a little faking . I am not telling you to be fake like high school girls. That’s no fun for anyone. What I am telling you to do is play mind games with others.

Obviously we’ll start by exploring “faking it” through fashion.

It’s impossible to assume everyone can afford the latest Christian Louboutins or the tightest Herve Leger dress. To assume makes an ass out of you and me.

With so many trendy boutiques and affordable online shopping sites these days, it’s easy to be hip and look ravishing without breaking the bank. Don’t worry. You’ll still look like you broke it with a hammer. Anyone?

My new obsession: Topshop.

It’s your destination for all things trendy, edgy and affordable. What could be better?
topshop fashion

Topshop sells unique pieces sure to please anyone. Feeling frisky? Try some floral work pants. Feeling edgy? Try a studded blouse. Feeling invincible? Try some tribal MC Hammer pants. The world of Topshop truly is your oyster.

Think of it as an affordable version of the newest and coolest trends on the runway and on the streets. Deck yourself out in what’s hot, perhaps a pair of trendy overalls. They exist, I promise.

Try this season’s hot white and black trend with a skirt, blouse and thin black belt. Go for patterns and prints. Maybe you’ll even find your prints charming! OK, I’ll stop being so punny. Dress it up or dress it down with Topshop. You can even wow your friends in a simple t-shirt, kick ass printed shorts and buckled wedges.
shirt shorts wedges

Look your finest while sitting in class in their wondrous collection of over sized sweaters and wedge sneakers.

The moral of the Topshop story, although it was quite all over the place, is that you can look like a million bucks without spending it.

So shop your way to the top. My cleverness with that slogan never ceases to amaze me. Time to fake it till ya make it