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How to Survive Freshman Welcome Week

How to Survive Freshman Welcome Week

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Post Date: August 08, 2012

College Freshman’s How-To Guide

School’s nearly back in session and there’s a new batch of incoming freshman ready to ravage campuses across the country. There’s nothing quite like the first week of college: it’s chaotic, exciting, frightening, busy, tiresome, and downright fun. For most freshmen, this is the first time they’re living in such close proximity with thousands of other people their own age. Since this thought is a little daunting, take this advice to heart and dive into your first week of college if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd!

Get to Know Your Roommates

roommates in college

Get on good terms with your roommate. Fast!

Odds are you had no say in the process and were selected at random to live together. Love ’em or hate ’em, you gotta live with them for the next year, so make an effort to kick things off properly from the get-go.

Will they let you borrow their phone charger? Will they save your ass when you forget your room key? Will they kick you out at 3 am to have sex? Yes, yes, and yes. Your roommate can be your best friend or worst enemy, so spend time getting to know each other!

Meet Your Neighbors

college neighbor meme

Don’t be this guy.

You’re going to see these people nearly every day for the next year. They’re also the foundation of your first college social circle. The quicker you make friends with them, the less likely they’ll blast music when you’re trying to sleep at night later in the year.

Think of your neighbors as resources. In college, if you know more people, you’ll be invited to more activities. The more activities you attend, your social circle expands. This means more study buddies, more guys or girls to choose from, and a lot more party options.

Your neighbors will also be available for when you need to borrow their printer or stapler.

Invited Somewhere? Go!

college clubsUnless you play a team sport or have already picked up a job, you have absolutely zero responsibilities during welcome week. Zero. You might be bogged down with work in the next few weeks, but right now it’s time to go with the flow.

If someone invites you to go somewhere or do something that sounds even remotely fun (and legal, ideally), go for it. Clubs and organizations are a great way to explore these options. Who knows… you might even enjoy polka lessons!

Attend Your Classes

freshman memeSyllabus week. The easiest week of every semester. Everyone’s changing their schedules and your first assignment isn’t due for another two weeks. Even if you skip class until the final exam, never miss the first week, even if you’re busy partying it up.

Believe it or not, this is the most important time to attend class: you’ll get the gist of what the class covers and an opportunity to feel out the professor. If the prof sucks or acts like his/her class is the most important in the world (even if it’s just an elective), you’ll have some breathing room to drop it without consequences.

Party it Up

Partying and college go hand in hand, so grab your new friends and hit the town!

Always Exchange Phone Numbers

obama michelle

Connect with someone.

The first week of freshman year is an excuse to get anyone and everyone’s phone number, regardless of how well or how long you’ve known them. Getting phone numbers will also you the trouble of Facebook stalking people you met later on.

Two minute conversation before class? Exchange numbers. Meet at a party and have a shared interest? Exchange numbers. You get the idea.

Suggestion: Create a Facebook group and invite your whole residence hall to post their numbers. This will help create a sense of community and you’ll be the leader.

Hit the Gym

meat market gym

Never know who you’ll meet at the gym.

Getting acquainted with the gym is a great excuse to check out your school’s supply of healthy and attractive people. If you’re sports-minded, there’s a bunch of folks just like you at the gym trying to make friends and get in on the meat market.

Moreover, a good workout is a great confidence booster if you’re still unsure of yourself in the college environment. This said, go join a pickup basketball game. Lift weights. Do aerobics. Share a conversation at the water fountain. Sign up for a fitness class or two. And make sure your phone is nearby so you can grab their digits!

Dining Hall Buddies

harry potter dining hall

Yeah… something like that.

About midweek, you’ll start noting that certain people have similar eating habits as you. Take mental notes on who’s free between classes around lunchtime and who’s an early/late eater when it comes to dinner.

Follow this advice and you’ll never have to eat alone.