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Is Instagram the Only Positive Social Media Experience?

Is Instagram the Only Positive Social Media Experience?

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Post Date: July 07, 2013

InstaPLUR. But is it even real?
Commentary by Antonis Karagounis (The Boss) • @antonisdc

Looking through my social media channels, I can’t help but feel slightly nauseous. Everyone, and I mean everyone on my Instagram feed is posting photos of their amazing lives.

Beautiful people. Amazing locations. Expensive Cars. Mouthwatering food. Wild parties. Couples in love. And happy families. It’s disgusting.

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I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but let’s be honest – your food cannot be that amazing… every time. You did not wake up in that new Bugatti. You do not live in that amazing home with the ridiculous pool. All those kids at those wild parties are probably 19 and wasted. No you’re not a model, so for the love of god please stop posing as if you are.

It all just seems a bit fake.

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Twitter can at least give us a real time feed of real life event like politics, crime and the occasional celebrity drama. Even Facebook has the occasional social responsibility-call to action (see Kony 2012) or an up-to-the-minute world news break.

But Instagram seems to have found a purpose beyond making iPhone pics look cool.

Imagery is in and of itself a universal language. No matter what you speak, you can always understand an image.

Every photo I see on Instagram depicts some sort of ‘feel good’ experience, moment or sense. And they get more interaction than anything you post on Facebook or Twitter. A picture is worth 1000 words and there’s not one negative thing to be said about any you find on Instagram.


Maybe Mark Zuckerberg was on to something when he spent a billion dollars on a two-year-old company.  The Social Media Generation (ya I just called it that) is tired of negativity and bad news. Instagram is the perfect social media escape.  It has created a Utopia where beauty, peace, abundance and love are the only things you see. And the occasional person bragging about something. But hey – they’re just trying to feel good, right?

Does it entertain?  Most definitely.  Is it real? No. But I know about 130 million users who seem to enjoy their daily escape from reality!

Instagram is utopian happiness.
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